Wednesday, May 8, 2013

MINDTAI.TV: Stealing From The City

Here's a recent skate edit I cooked up with da boyz at Mindtai, give 'er a froth mates! 

The crew at MiNDTAi is proud to announce the launch of MiNDTAi.TV. A homegrown video station that will kick you in the face and leave you scratching for more. Stealing From The City is our first mind-altering presentation, so kick-back and enjoy yourself, this one’s on MiNDTAi.
As kids, we were always figuring out ways to piss off the public and do exactly what we wanted, most of the time that meant skating whenever and wherever we damn-well pleased. After skating at the park all day everyday, we discovered we could unplug the vending machines and plug in our own flood lights to light up the park after dark and score sessions all to ourselves. Overtime the cops caught on and started to write us tickets for “stealing electricity from the city.” This only scared us off for so long… One night under the full moon in late February, we (the MindTai boys) decided to head out under the bright moonlight and score our favorite local skate park with no one out. After a brief spliff session we quickly set up the lights and got to skating. Throughout the session there were thoughts about the pigs spoiling all the fun, but it never happened. Only an all-time session with our best friends and a couple randoms that saw the lights from afar. Here’s the result of that epic night…
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