Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Mates & Myrts | SAH March Mixtape

Wazzzzuppppp friendz! Now that Spring has sprung, lets all ring it in and welcome our ol' pal Sunshine with some Frothy Boss Ass Jamz while hangin' w da Mates & Myrts! 

The sun, the open road, the beach, the waves, the pool house, the back of your shagin' wagon, Jumbo's, and any other such places that cater to both relaxation and debauchery are calling your name. So strap on your finest whale tail or slingshot mankini, put this mixtape on your music machine with volume set to overdrive, and blast your way to bliss and beyond! Featuring today's hottest shredders in the game, this mix should is for da Mates and Myrts and it'll have ya well and ready for the fun & sun that's yet to come! 

Dedicated to my bro n' sis, Happy Birthday! (and soon to me :) If ya don't know what Mate or Myrt means, learn it & love it here & stay tuned for Brocab Part II!
TrackList will be on my Facebook soon so please like and share :)

Frothiest Reagards on Dat Ass! 
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Amoureux | February Mixtape by Surf Ambassador Hendo

Inspired by ze French FrothLords, I dove into a Disco House mix filled with heart-pumping sounds that will leave both you and your lover satisfied and smokin a cig in no time...
Track list here
Album art by the talented Mr. Taylor Dunfee
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