Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Mad Huis

If you ain't never heard of the complete and utter legends over at The Mad Huis, then it's time to prod you out of your farking crack cave and start living!  Put simply, The Mad Huis are a bunch of Lordz who live for the catch.  Whether it's catching a few filthy pits, catching a few hot myrt Huets, and/or (but not limited to) catching some tasty fish while shootin the shit and drinkin some cold dawgs, these guys do it right and live the good life.  Having members across the World ranging from: Parko, Taj, Fisher, Kolohe, Dusty, Hippo, and all sorts of other mad cunts, The Mad Hui's roots' run deep and spread far and wide.  They just posted a new vid today featuring Hipp & Dusty tearing Straddy to pieces accompanied by some epic tunes from our good mates over at American Royalty, give it a froth!   
Support The Mad Huis and their Lord shenanigans here:
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