Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dear Diarrheay - East Coast Broast

Reflections from the wing...

Dear Diarrheay is an epic journey documenting some of my recent travels whether it's in instagiz form, videos, write-ups or whatevas.  Just thought that some of the places I go, the people I froth with, and the things I get into are worth a read whilst taking a shit...
Paying respect to creepy fingaz during the only frothy pit I snagged in VB

My recent East Coast travels to Virginia Beach for the East Coast Surfing Championships (ECSC), was quite the ta-rip to say the least.  Having not been to the east coast for hundreds of fort nights, I was soon reminded of what a different and interesting vibe it is out there.  ECSC was like the US Open of surfing on the east coast but jam packed with 15 year old groms frothing at the bit trying to cop a feel on some strange any second they got.
Contest event site

Although the waves were complete horse mierda, some of the pros were still rippin' and there was seldom a dull moment.  Aside from surfboard wave riding, other activities included fine-dining/local cuisine at the World's most disturbing white-trash fast food establishment where they charge for ice adequately named Bojangles, getting sophisticated and enjoying the local spirit called the Orange Crush, observing my friend as a local slack jaw - probation bracelet and all - drunkenly courted him, meeting North Shore movie legends Turtle and Chandler, and coming to a realization that Virginia Beach is the sole reason that emo music still exists today.
Local epic threads
Outside of all that hustle bustle, there exists plenty of local shredders who, despite the groveling conditions, manage to overcome the orange crush temptations, deal with the fickle surf, and find a magical way to rip the shit out of the waves they've been dealt.  I definitely developed a new found respect and admiration for their patience and perseverance through such conditions and realize that I was once quite spoiled while living in La Jolla and rarely, if ever, having to surf ankle-high close-outs.   
All and all, despite not surfing, the trip was a classic one, the people were beyond friendly and entertaining,  and I now know of the perfect vacation destination to take my future 15 year old son to meet some myrtles...
Stebs, Toad, CarmensGettingCreepy, Chuckie, and SAH gettin' cultured...
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