Friday, July 13, 2012

War(d) Stories

The Man, The Myth, The Legend, and one of my favorite surfers of all time; Chris Motherfuckin' Ward is back in the house and ready to kick some ass! Recently, ...Lost dropped a teaser for a new mini web-series that starts Today entitled "War(d) Stories"!  Here's what those fackers had to say:
"Featuring footage gathered over an entire career, with candid interviews and testimonials of tumultuous turmoil. Through the eyes of the dozens people who "know" him best, we will attempt to unravel the myth, the mystery, the misery, the highs and the lows wherever Chris goes... WARd STORIES -The Mini Series: Debuts globally on Friday, July 13th and will continue until every "Tall Yet True Tale" is told…or until he goes full Charlie Sheen on us."
War(d) Stories Episode One: "The Intro" can now be viewed here on Surfing Mag!  Jam packed with soundbites and surfing from legends like Tom Curren, Eugene, Cory, Rat Boy, Bobby, Mason, and any other surfer who's encountered the wrath of Wardo; the intro sets up the chaos quite damn well!  Until they open the link on Viemo, you'll just have to watch it over at Surfing Mag and check out the teaser here...
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