Thursday, July 12, 2012

Poolside - Pacific Standard Time (Album)

Hello bradas and sistas!  
This last Monday marked the release of our favorite Tropical Disco innovators' debut album!  That's right, Poolside!  Having not heard a lot of slower more tropical disco jams until last summer and the release of their legendary track entitled "Do You Believe?", it seems evident that these types of clean/smooth/slower jams suited for chilling at the beach or poolside have been sweeping the southern California shores and the No Shirt / No Shoes decks in particular!  But the Poolside fellas didn't stop there, instead, they continued to pump out baby making jams like their rendition on Neil Young's "Harvest Moon" and the ever-so-croozy "Take Me Home".  Ontop of these boss jamz, the Poolside mates headed into the studio not only to record their full upcoming album but to also practice their live set which would utilize something rarely found in today's electronic music scene... all real instruments being played by all real humans!  
So without further adieu, the fantastic new Poolside album rightfully titled: Pacific Standard Time is here and ready for you to purchase!  This album is packed with phenomenal croozy feel-good songs that will leave you comfortably trapped in summer and if anyone deserves your $9.99 more, it's them!  These guys are true innovative legends and I constantly ponder whether they sleep at all cause they are constantly hustlin' and groovin'!  Cheers to you Poolside bruvazzzz! 
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