Thursday, July 5, 2012

No Shirt / No Shoes - FROTH of JULY - This Saturday!

This Saturday, July 7th Two Thousand and Twelve we're back on da Roof of The Standard Hotel DTLA!  Since my radical sabbatical in Fiji, I've wiped away the cobwebs and am ready for some heavy froth action.  This time up we've got a few Canadian Legends in the mix from the likes of Jeremy Glenn and Prince Club!  You may remember Jeremy's smashing original by the name of New Life, if not here's a reminder:    Then we've got Prince Club comin' up on the decks whose got a song named Fruit Boots which off the bat already makes him supa roots (see my ElectroHell Vid for more about Fruit Boots)To top it all off we've got Lordz by the likes of Kedd Cook (La Cave Resident), Rick Rude, and the loc dawgs that go by: Bixel Boys, Tropicool, SAH-Dis-Dick, and Junkyard!  If you were anything like me and were over partying on a gloomy ass Wednesday with a bunch of amateurs for the 4th, then this shall be everything you had hoped for and More for a reason to let yo hair down and get completely buck!
See you in the Haus Basement...
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