Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Longer Nites & Frothy Bites - July Mixtape

Hey friends,
if there's anything I can say about this Summer so far, it's that it has yet again managed to amaze me in ways I once thought of as impossible.  From a dream Fiji trip to epicly bangin' pool parties,  great surf in Jalama, classic times with friends, and countless wonderful memories; it's safe to say that Music has played an essential role in capturing, retaining, and eventually eliciting these awesome memories.  With so many great tunes droppin' this summer and so many talented emerging artists making waves, I thought it's about time I share the wealth and bring you all a new mix!
My last 2 mixes have been more suited for those beach party/pool froth days where mumus, mojitos, and myrtles run wild like gazelles in the San Diego zoo.  Today, I bring you a mix more suited for those wild nights where you tell your buddy: "Fine, I'll have one beer with you mate, just one" and before you know it, you're takin' shots of wild turkey out of a soggy shoe at the West End/Saloon/Jumbo's Clown Room/Adelita's etc...  Consider this mixtape a tank full of fuel to pump into your El Camino strapped with boards in the back, babe in the front, hands on the wheel, and destination set to 1987.  Dedicated to those long summer nites filled with fun, froth, and friends,  I hope this mix finds you well and that you share the wealth!  Without further adieu, I present to you "Longer Nites & Frothy Bites - July Mixtape" by Surf Ambassador Hendo:

Tracklist can be found on my Facebook Page later today.  Big ups to Po Po of The Ampal Creative for da art!  Want more froth?  Cruise out to Palm Springs this weekend and rage with me, the GDD crew, and the No Shirt / No Shoes crew!

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