Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Goldroom - Fifteen Music Video & (Rotkraft Remix)

First up, here's a croozy lil edit that Lasha Margiani did to Goldroom's latest summer anthem entitled Fifteen (Feat Chela) as remixed by Rotkraft!  See if you can spot some of the pro rippaz like Monyca Byrne Wickey, Malia Manuel, Sage Erickson and others...
And here's the official video for fifteen (feat Chela) that Goldroom just put out yesterday!  Featuring a nice lil myrt duo that froths through the city of angels, see if you can spot some cameos and some local frothing grounds we've been known to frequent...

Here's Goldroom's brand new troppo croozy track entitled "Pacific" which will have ya relaxin' and maxin' in no time...
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