Wednesday, July 25, 2012

GDD x dFm: Palm Springs Weekender

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Man o man, where the hell has the summer gone?  It's certainly not over but as the last few remaining months start to dwindle like a carrot zooming down a horse track teasing the ever so graceful "taza de mantequilla" (buttercup the thoroughbread), it's clear that we haven't got much time.  Lucky for you, you came to the right place and are about to receive a prescription for just what the doctor ordered; a huge bag of fun, sun, and happiness in the form of a time machine that doesn't actually have time, it freezes it and thus creates The Endless Summer!  

That's right, just 2 DAYS from now during the weekend of July 27th and 28th, my mates over at Gotta Dance Dirty and Dub Frequency are teaming up to bring you a Desert Weekender that's sure to have your mind, body, and spirit trapped in a World where seasons don't change and the only language that the natives speak is Summertime Slang.  We're talkin' about Palm farking Springs aka the Leather Desert baybay!

If you didn't get a chance to froth at the legendary Saguaro Hotel during Coachella weekend when Dub Frequency packed the place with a list of musical legends from the likes of: A-Trak, Busy P, Aeroplane, DJ Harvey, Tiger & Woods, Poolside, Oliver, Penguin Prison, and many more, than do yourself a favor and do the following:
1.)  Watch the Epic Vid Above
2.) Continue reading
3.) Book Yourself a room for the weekend of July 27th HERE NOW
So now that you've already got your room booked and your bags packed, I can tell you more great news!  Not only will you be cruisin' troppo style in the desert and enjoying deliciously refreshing cocktails and colds dogs, but GDD and dF have also hand picked a blimp full of All-Star Disk Jockeys (DJs) who will be tickling not only your taste buds and your ear drums but also your private parts umm I mean hearts and your souls!  Hailing from the legendary GDD empire, the following legends will be throwin' down mad beats and booty shakin' jamz till your legpits get rashes and your fist pumps turn into fish pumps:
If that wasn't enough to get your schmeckel pumpin and your cha cha' chompin', just you wait... there's more!  Bringin' the tropical heat, the tradewind trouble, and the Caribbean charisma shall be the posse they call The No Shirt / No Shoes crew!  That's right, the following pool sharks and daytime disco freaks will be gracing the decks by the pool (mojito in hand) and makin' sure that your awesome oasis is properly heated and oh-so-smooth! 
So pretty much, this weekend is gonna be EPIC, there will certainly be boss jamz galore plus some special musical guests (Germang Dupree?), and I'm pretty sure that the place will be flockin' with myrts scantily clad in brazillian butt floss and rumors of  mario lopez rockin' a banana hammock for the ladies!  Ultimately, this is gonna be a weekend you tell your grandchildren about whilst finally riding on your hoverboard!  If you haven't done so already, book your room HERE and prepare for a weekend that will freeze you in summer eternally...
Peep this brand new mix that GDD DJ Shae B just dropped for this weekend! 
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