Tuesday, July 24, 2012

City of Groove - Casting Call

- CALLING ALL MYRTLES - There's a Nu cocktail in town and it's about to start making waves in the Whale's Vagina!  Take one part Geisha Twins, one part French Kiss Collective, a dash of disco sauce, a squirt of some groovy basslines, mix it all up, and what do you get?  A brand Nu project from 2 funky monkeys: Zac Bolick (Geisha Twins) and Wayatt Potts (French Kiss Collevtive) called City of Groove!   Coming soon to a froth venue near you, these dudes will be making some rad chunes and will be looking for some lovely ladies to participate in an upcoming video shoot.   So if you wanna froth around in the sand, have a few piña coladas, eat some exquisite caviar, and be featured in their upcoming video, shoot an email over to: cityofgroove@gmail.com !  
It's too bad my man boobs haven't grown much lately or I'd be there joining ya for the froth fest :) 

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  1. Omg I'm so excited I love Geisha Twins!!!!