Monday, June 25, 2012

MM: Paris Hilton aka Best DJ Ever!

Hello therrrrrre (said in creepy English accent)
Today's Myrtle Monday is dedicated to the woman, the myth, the legend that we all know and love as Paris Hilton aka The Best DJ That Ever Lived.  Recently (while licking Afrojack's glow stick) a light bulb went off in Paris' head telling her that becoming a DJ would be the perfect way to save her career.  Well, I don't really care enough to read all the details but it's pretty clear that her debut gig in Brazil was (for lack of a better word) whorrific!  Unknowingly mashing up two songs off beat, dancing like a manatee with down syndrome, and pretending to throw down some mean twisties were a few of the heiress' novice moves that the crowd easily picked up on.  So today, I SAH-lute you miss Hilton!  Your excellent skills and killer moves give hope to us all that may be one day (depending on how much I put out) I too will get to be an uber cewl DJay and play a festival in Brazil and have thousands of hungry fans get their faces melted by some killer electronic beats yo!  You're a gem, keep on truckin'...  
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