Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dave Wassel Owning It

D-Dunf and the Wassel himself!  Photo from:

Often times, watching webcasts of surf comps can get stale real quick especially when there's a lul and the announcers are struggling to find something interesting or entertaining to say.  During the Volcom Fiji Pro, all the announcers did a great job at maintaining interest but it was Dave Wassel who shined like a fresh bowling ball in regards to classic entertainment!  The list of legendary quotes and hilarious anecdotes that Wasselhoff spit out could go on for days.  Aside from him saying: "I'm Dave Wassel, LETS GET TROPICAL!" and "Poseidon, Unleash the Cracken!", every other classic quote of the comp by Mr. Wassel has been packaged right here in this video for your enjoyment!  Enjoy!  
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