Thursday, April 5, 2012

CONTROL FRIDAYS ft. SAH + Bixel Boys + Mighty Mouse + Designer Drugs

Get your high socks and your school outfits on and get ready to fahhh-roth cause tomorrow night will be a shit-show for the books.  Control Fridays at The Avalon in Hollywood is a freaky frothfest that our mates at GDD, C-Town, Whitelite Productions, and Giant all so graciously put together for us.  

Tomorrow night will see the likes of every walk of life from candy raver kids to hippie love children, disco biscuit babies to house heads and everywhere in between.  So whether or not you fit one of those categories or could give two shits about "labels", high step yo ass down to hollyweird, take a photo in front of Phillip Seamor Hoffman's star ("Rain Dannnnce" "I just sharted"), and get lost in the musical stylings that the Avalon will undoubtedly be blasting tomorrow night! 

Honey Lounge:
Evan Stalker 9:30 - 11
Bixel Boys 11- 12
Mighty Mouse 12:15 - 1:15
Italian SAHsage Fest 1:15 - Close

I'm closin up shop tomorrow night in zé Honey Lounge so prepare for some heaters and farking wang bangers!  #AllHeat #NoMeat #SeeYouInThePantieAisle
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