Monday, March 19, 2012

¡Partay THIS Friday in San Diego!

March - the word alone makes me quiver and immediately think of being bum drunk.  The month of benders, pretenders, and splendors; this year's March will undoubtedly be up there as one of the finest yet.  In celebration of the day my bro, my sis, and I were all born, we've decided to join forces and throw a legendary bash in ye old stomping grounds of the greater city better known as The Whale's Vagina.  

THIS FRIDAY, March 23rd at Quality Social in Downtown San Diego, we bring you a celebration of life, music, and frothyness featuring the musical stylings of your favorite No Shirt / No Shoes rooftop residents: Bixel Boys, Tropicool, Junkyard, & of course yours truly, the SAHsage king!  

The froth will be flowin' from 9:30 to 2AM.   With no list and no cover charge, all you have to do is show up and prepare to froth and strobe till your feet give out and your ass clenches ever so tightly!  Lets celebrate this Birfday Bash not juts me and my dear siblings but for all the other March babies out there whose parents most likely got weird some time around 4th of July and popped you out 9 months later!

See you in the mosh pit mates... 
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