Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dane Ranaldo - Excerpt Pump Up Vid

Painting by: LaybackLarry
Surf's been shit-balls for the last week or so but do not despair, there's a miniscule combo swell coming through for the South LA area which makes it seem that Poseidon's Playground will be housing 2 to 3 foot mackers (time to get your rhino-chasa).  If you're anything like me and are starting to get the crack-itch for a good boost, turn, floater, down-the-line-, pop-up, paddle, or any reason to put on your damn kook-cord (leash); then this lil 6 minute froth clip brought to you by Dane Reyns himself and the lords at Surfbang oughta suite you nicely to pump yer' ass up! 

More info and download HERE
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