Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Junkyard - February // Pt. 1 Mixtape

The Lord Legend himself; Junkyard aka Uncle Junkalz - is back with a vengeance greater than none other before him!  After a croozy lil break from the mixtape madness, he's back!  This time he's picked up his golden bag o' tricks and thrown a plethora of mouth-watering/sex-inducing/dancefloor-stompin' tracks into a seamless blend similar to that of an Oreo Cookie Shake.  From start to finish this mixtape progresses like one of those nights where you say to yourself 'eh, I'll just have one' and eventually you end up naked, crip walking, and drinking Drano in some random house in the Hollywood hills...
Play, download, share, and spread the good word of the Junkman!

Hats off to the big guy for yet again opening my eyes to a new flavor of chunage and enlightening my heart with an overwhelming sensation GROOVE!  Can't wait for Part Deux!  
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