Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day! From: The Bixel Boys

Didn't get a B-Jizler this morning?  Not to fear - happiness, boobies, and sensual jams are here!  The Bixel Boys are no stranger to eliciting the Power of Love whether it be through pictures, music, or their stone-fox/eye-piercing glances...  Here again for another round of family fun and spank bank pleasure till your hands bleed is their latest installment of their genius Bixel Collection project.  As a token of their appreciation to their loyal fans, they cum come today bearing a glorious gift!      
It's a gift of audio/visual pleasure that they cooked themselves with the finest ingredients from all around the land...LOVE!  Cruise on over to THE BIXEL COLLECTION NOW for a frothy taste of beautiful imagery and lustful tunes.  You can download all the tracks by hovering over the lovely soiled bed sheets that lay solidified on the furthest right hand side of the page.  For now, here's a small sample of my favorite Myrt & Track that they've named Alex (be on the lookout for this track in my new mix coming soon)...

Hats off to the Bixel Boys for transcending me into fantasy land yet again!
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