Monday, February 20, 2012

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Dope Partay

This Saturday in Hollywood, Controversy's epic party at Room 86 brings you: all the mates (Guns, NS/NS, Controversy, C-Town) up on the decks lightin' the dance-floor on fire with some booty-shakin'/private-part-salivatin' chunes in celebration of some of the frothiest frothers that ever frothed in the name of frothing.  Das right, Bixel legend Ian Mac, The Tropicool Tarantula La Melza himself, along with Flakez, Hooks, and Moe with the gimpy leg were all gloriously born sometime this month and being as such, Poseidon has raised the party level to just above froth-overload.  In lamen's terms, this is gonna be a party for the books!  I ain't sure what time Imma be spinnin at but I've been chillin' w Biggie's Boi DJ Kap lately so I'm ready for dis...  

More party info here, see u there!
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