Monday, February 27, 2012


Shortcuts by Shane Fletcher and Waves Mag coming soon & looks like it's gonna be sick!

Bonus Boner:
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Myrtle Monday: LastNightsParty (NSFW)

Sometime last week amidst juggling between nerd-botting and music trolling, I was cruising the World Wide Web and made a stop by my legendary mate FlatTop's page.  He's pretty much a lord when it comes to all things Myrt, Music, and Froth which is why it came as no surprise when he introduced me to the Pandora's Box of Myrts when he posted LastNightsParty's latest video!  LastNightsParty's vimeo account (NSFW) is chalk filled with videos depicting model myrts who like to party, fist pump, do weird artsy shit, and most certainly froth.  Starting out in New York and now pretty much roaming the Globe and following the Strobe, LastNightsParty can have you glued to your computer for hours on end, lets just hope its not from your own body glue...

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dance Right w Guns In The Sun

Tonight at DTLA's very own La Cita Bar, the homies, the legends, the frothers who constantly blaze a golden trail aka Guns In The Sun will be DJing and frothing beyond belief!  Cruise on out for a cold dawg or two (no Tecates thanks) and sit back and watch as your body flows to ze magical ryhtm, BOOOOYAH!  
More Info Here
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Dope Partay

This Saturday in Hollywood, Controversy's epic party at Room 86 brings you: all the mates (Guns, NS/NS, Controversy, C-Town) up on the decks lightin' the dance-floor on fire with some booty-shakin'/private-part-salivatin' chunes in celebration of some of the frothiest frothers that ever frothed in the name of frothing.  Das right, Bixel legend Ian Mac, The Tropicool Tarantula La Melza himself, along with Flakez, Hooks, and Moe with the gimpy leg were all gloriously born sometime this month and being as such, Poseidon has raised the party level to just above froth-overload.  In lamen's terms, this is gonna be a party for the books!  I ain't sure what time Imma be spinnin at but I've been chillin' w Biggie's Boi DJ Kap lately so I'm ready for dis...  

More party info here, see u there!
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Myrtle Monday: Lori Myers

Lori Myers used to live upstairs...
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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pinch My Bad Lip

Amidst my blogging bender I've been watching a shit load of Bad Lip Reading and Pinch My Salt clips.  They've inspired and motivated me to embrace the freak that I am and do weird shit like making the following Out-Take that was conceived a long time ago when I was making my ElectroHell vid.  Although I am no expert like the previously mentioned legends, watch my first stab at ze weirdness and then watch their pro shit to see where the levels of freakishness can be obtained...

Bad Lip Reading

Pinch My Salt
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Filthy Myrtle Bonnet

Fish takes a stroll down a beach in Braaaaasil...
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Surf Looked Fun Yesterday

Surfed looked fun yesterday at lowers as the love birds: Taj, Sterling, and Torrey shralped some frothers.  Anyone surfed in CA or wanna go today?  Hit me up freaks, I'm losing it here!
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jordy Smith Ripping ZAF

11 Days to go till the Quiksilver Pro...
Lets take a look at what Jordy's been up to, hey there!
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St Lucia - We Got It Wrong (Lenno Remix)

If you ain't never heard ze 80's-synth/retro-banger DJ/Producer that goes by the name of Lenno, then you ain't never lived through the 80's (that shit was crazy).  Today he dropped a new remix for St Lucia's track entitled "We Got It Wrong" and it was just too damn good not to share with you!  Put this baby in the tape deck of your Firebird, throw on your denim jacket, comb your greasy mullet, and let the banger speed you down the California Coast...
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The AMPAL Creative at Project10

For all my fashion-conscious buddies out there, if you're in Vegas and haven't stopped by The AMPAL Creative booth, now is the time to get your ass out of the Wet Republic pool and head on down to their booth!  They'll be showcasing their new Spring/Summer 2012 collection at this year's Project 10 Tradeshow (on the SLATE floor) and the new line couldn't look any steezier!  AMPAL writes:

"We are honored to be showing alongside two brands we've respected since day 1 - FUCT and SSUR.  Come by, we're at the entrance of the SLATE show at The Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.  For appointments contact: Courtney: sales (at) theampalcreative (dot) com"
photo by: @ampal_creative
From the looks of things, Da Boyz are already killing it out there!  Stop by their booth, check out their MENTAL hats that have steez and premium quality like no-other, and place a few thousand orders while you're at it ;)  You won't regret it! 
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Happy Valentine's Day! From: The Bixel Boys

Didn't get a B-Jizler this morning?  Not to fear - happiness, boobies, and sensual jams are here!  The Bixel Boys are no stranger to eliciting the Power of Love whether it be through pictures, music, or their stone-fox/eye-piercing glances...  Here again for another round of family fun and spank bank pleasure till your hands bleed is their latest installment of their genius Bixel Collection project.  As a token of their appreciation to their loyal fans, they cum come today bearing a glorious gift!      
It's a gift of audio/visual pleasure that they cooked themselves with the finest ingredients from all around the land...LOVE!  Cruise on over to THE BIXEL COLLECTION NOW for a frothy taste of beautiful imagery and lustful tunes.  You can download all the tracks by hovering over the lovely soiled bed sheets that lay solidified on the furthest right hand side of the page.  For now, here's a small sample of my favorite Myrt & Track that they've named Alex (be on the lookout for this track in my new mix coming soon)...

Hats off to the Bixel Boys for transcending me into fantasy land yet again!
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American Royalty - Matchstick EP

The Rock Legend Mates: American Royalty (Guns In The Sun Records) are back with more solid rock/electro-infused tunes that'll make your booty shake and your head bang!  Today, on this lovely Valentine's Day, they drop their Sophmore EP entitled "Matchstick".  Having already heard the EP Tittle track (Matchstick) a few times during their remarkable live performances, I knew this EP was sure to be nothing short of EPIC.  As always, American Royalty has delivered the Crown Jewels and has me blastin, jammin, and frothing at the edge of my seat!  Hats off to you Lordz!  Give the EP a go below and be sure to support my buddies by purchasing the EP at one of the following online record stores: GUNS IN THE SUN (Add To Cart). iTunes, Band Camp, or Amazon.  It's 3 farking Dollars mates!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Wildcat! Wildcat! - Mr. Quiche

New LA based trio called Wildcat! WildCat! has got me rockin' with my cockin'!  Sick indie/synth-pop that's pretty damn catchy, fresh, and a great change of pace!  Give 'em a froth…
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Ben Browning - I Can't Stay

Ben Browning of Cut Copy has done it again!  He's somehow managed to transport me from here to Summer in seconds flat.  His newest single "I Can't Stay" hot off of Cutters Records is one spicy enchilada and the video is nothing short of visual paradise!  Come take a ride down Troical Lane...
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Andy Irons Day

✞ Rest In Peace Andy, we miss you ✞
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Eternal Myrtle: Whitney Houston

Eternal Myrtle & Forever Legend, Whitney Houston may you Rest In Peace.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Me & The Sea

Surfing no longer has limitations.  The board is merely an extension of the body and the sea is an extension of the mind.  Some just so happen to make it look easier than others...
⎮The new vids up on Marine Layer are MEN✞AL!  Thanks for the tip Moto Surfer ⎮
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⎮Until The Ribbon Breaks⎮

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Saturday, February 11, 2012


The Lordz just doin' what Lordz do...

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Something Frothy This Way Comes...

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Friday Froth

It's been a hot minute since I've posted some music and vids that I find utmost appealing.  Here's a few to start off your weekend!  Hope you have a great one while I try and kick this cold...

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Junkyard - February // Pt. 1 Mixtape

The Lord Legend himself; Junkyard aka Uncle Junkalz - is back with a vengeance greater than none other before him!  After a croozy lil break from the mixtape madness, he's back!  This time he's picked up his golden bag o' tricks and thrown a plethora of mouth-watering/sex-inducing/dancefloor-stompin' tracks into a seamless blend similar to that of an Oreo Cookie Shake.  From start to finish this mixtape progresses like one of those nights where you say to yourself 'eh, I'll just have one' and eventually you end up naked, crip walking, and drinking Drano in some random house in the Hollywood hills...
Play, download, share, and spread the good word of the Junkman!

Hats off to the big guy for yet again opening my eyes to a new flavor of chunage and enlightening my heart with an overwhelming sensation GROOVE!  Can't wait for Part Deux!  
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

MindTai Party This Thursday

This Thursday February 9th, all the lordz that are MindTai are meeting for a melding of minds beyond any compare!  We'd like to cordially invite you to the first (of many) MindTai Party at Nikki's in Venice.   With all Vinyl DJ sets by Tropicool & MazKarate plus a plethora of fine film and art curated by the boyz over at LEAF; you'd be silly to miss out on this Sensory-Enlightening/Mind-Lifting type o' night!      
Vinyl Mix 01 by MazKaraté (official)
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