Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tropicool - Gooch Tape Vol. 3

The mate, the lord, and the frother that goes by none other than sir Tropicool of Gnarlia is back again showing the groms how it's done.  With an insatiable appetite for ear tingling tunes that take your mind on a trip and your family jewels on a mating call adventure similar to that of the three-toed Zimbabwean rhino,   Tropicool has worked his Caribbean charisma once again for his latest installment of his legendary Gooch Tapes.  Go get yourself a bottle of Barbadian Eark & Jerk, a pair of white leather slippers, a sports bra, and the finest golden Chaise Lounge that $4 will buy you and exit the mundane while this gooch tape takes you on a surfari you ain't never experienced befo…

Talk about: "I walked intro the room dripping in gold, yea dripping in gold"...
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