Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012; Ready For The Froth

Oi oi oi oi mates.
Back from yet another radical sabbatical, it's time to return to our regularly scheduled freakishness.  Firstly I'd just like to acknowledge and thank every one who SAH-ported me in 2011 and helped keep the froth alive!  The year was Epic beyond my wildest dreams and never would I have ever thought to have gone so far in so little time (and no, I'm not talking about my sexual encounter with Snookalz).  So from the bottom of my fart heart I'd just like to say THANK YOU!  

On another note, to the cybersquatter who stole SurfAmbassadorHendo.com from me can fuck right off and drink donkey dick (please re-link to SurfAmbassadorHendo.blogspot.com BackSlashTheLongestWebsiteInTheHistoryOfManDotEdu).  There will certainly be some changes going on around here but one thing will remain certain; 2012 is our time to take over zee World...

See you soon!
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