Monday, December 5, 2011

Tropicool - Gooch Tape #2

Best description ever:  "Sitting on a moustached throne atop the highest west coast palm tree … the geiser of synthesizer, the dali of mali, the crisco oil of disco soil. the sea lion smooch and the dandelion gooch…. our friend mr david la melza, aka Tropicool, the disastermind behind such bloggage as GDD & Mindtai." - Guns In The Sun

Couldn't have said it better myself!  In true form, I'm a bit fashionably late on this one but my mate Tropciool is back with another banger of a mix that's sure to leave you stranded on a tropical island with nothing but a bottle of Malibu Captain Jameson Moonshine Pure Rubbing Alcohol and a breathtakingly beautiful baby ready to please you like it was your last day on Urf!  Press play, close your eyes, and let your mind transport you to a better place, a happy place, a Gooch place...

Also, if you're in LA tomorrow and are looking for some good ass DJ sets, the mates Tropicool and ///BONES are opening up for The Juan MacLean.  Straight up, The Juan MacLean threw down one of my favorite DJ sets EVER at Hard Fest this year, the guy fucking kills beats for fun!  More info here.
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