Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tropicool x SAH this Friday in the GDD Room

This Friday in the Gotta Dance Dirty Room of The Avalon (next to the main stage) the filthy frother better known as Tropicool and I will be laying down one of the nastiest tag teams since Tango and Cash had their way with Debbie from Dallas.  We'll be squirting out tunes from 10 to 12 in the GDD room while the 80's-vibe Legend who goes by Grum along with Miami Horror DJs will be ripping it up on the main stage; surely a night not to miss! 

Ontop of this madness, Friday night will mark the release of my first ever Re-Froth/"Remix" of a certain 80's Classic that I've been working on the past few days.  The re-froth shall only be heard once during my set and then it will be deleted, torched, and burnt forever!  Well, not exactly, but Friday will be the first day you'll be able to see and hear it live before it goes up on my Soundcloud the next week.  So be one of the first, the few, and the proud to shake your booty on a history making or breaking night!  

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