Monday, November 14, 2011

Luther Vandross - I Wonder (SAH Re-Froth)

Oi lads, lords, and myrts!
After quite the glorious DJ bender this summer where frothing soared to new heights; Fall & Winter came quicker than me and my first cougar encounter of the third kind!  As the water gets cold, the pool freezes over, and I slowly turn into an albino, I've decided to give a stab at producing.

Fresh off the Traktor boat, and Just off the Ableton Jet, I've decided to start things off with a re-work that intends to transport you back to a time when myrts, shneeks, synth, and beats ran as free as Larry Bird at a Big & Tall store.  I'm talkin about the 80's man!

It is with much pleasure & froth (of course) that I present to you my first "re-work" entitled: Luther Vandross - I Wonder (SAH Re-Froth),  I found a gem of a sample belonging to the legendary Mr. Vandross and spiced it up a bit for the modern dance floor.  With plenty of added synth, claps, fx, samples, and cow bell to keep you grooving till, well, the cows come home, I hope you dance, froth, and have as much fun experiencing this Re-Froth as I did making it!

Luther Vandross - I Wonder (SAH Re-Froth) by SURF AMBASSADOR HENDO
Big shout out and props to the master of mastering who mastered this track, my mate: >icknick<
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