Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jay Fresh - The Delta Project

Recently I've been expanding my horizons and diversifying my music a lot more than normal; so when my homey Court (P & LS) sent over some hip hop jams, I was amping to get such a roots treat!  Her buddy Jay Fresh is a hip hop artist comin out of the indie music scene in Dallas, TX and is sportin some mad beats and sick flows.  Recently, Jay collaborated with Pretty Lights on a project entitled: The Delta Project; a musical collaboration filled with Pretty Lights instru-MENTALs and fresh Jay Fresh flows.  Check out some of da killa jamz in the project below:
      The Delta Project | Jay Fresh Vs Pretty Lights by thejayfresco

If that wasn't enough, Jay also just released a video for his track entitled "Amazing" that features a nostalgic feel of groms doin what groms do best; skating & causing trouble!  The vid takes me back to the days when we'd run to the beach (rain or shine), surf our brains out, get picked up by our babysitters/parents, and then creep the streets looking for the closest thing to cop a feel to...

With a mind full of creative flows and a bag full of tricks, it's a no-brainer that Jay Fresh is goin places!  SAH-Port Jay Fresh and his musical talents here:
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