Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's All Good from Diego to the Bay; SF Chronicalz

Oi mates,
Just got back from a quick stint in the glorious boyz town city for the Rip Curl Pro and to say it was fabbbbb wouldn't really do it much of any JUSTICE.  Amidst the chaos of Ke11y's 11th World Title, the Title miscalculation (which yet again solidified our stereotype as being stoners), and the Gabs grom domination for the Win (btw FTW stands for FUCK THE WORLD not "for the win"); I managed to do what I do best and straight lurk on fools like a shutter bug from TMZ hell!  Here's a few shots I fired off whilst frothing in the Golden City…
      Da Boyz
The legendary water cameraman Larry "Gaboosh!" Haynes 
SAH corpo
Union Square, SF (taken seconds after a DR in SF spotting)
Strip clubs: best place for dudes to waste their time, money, and boners…
The legendary Smugglers Cove bar stocking a drink menu that would take you 4 shits to read.
"Boob Tube"; Slates gets Slots
Parko frothing his way to the Finals
BFORE: The King's throne just moments after the miscalculation is announced…
DURING: Ke11y's official World Title heat
AFTER: Disciples, pupils, peasants, and serfs awaiting King Ke11y's Official Crown
EPIC-LOGUE: 2 Ambassadors 1 Cup (World Title cup not pictured here)  Congrats Ke11y, you da man!  Don't forget to write! 
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