Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tropicool - Gooch Tape #1

My good mate and fellow No Shirt / No Shoerer who goes by the name of Tropicool aka Sizzle Chest aka Gooch Master Flex aka Dr. Schlongo aka Frothtradamus aka Stay Puft's 2nd Nephew just recently emerged from Poseidon's beachfront play pen and brings us a fist full of Tropical Thunder scattered into a brain forest well beyond our imagination!  In lamen's terms, Tropicool just released his first mix gooch tape yesterday, and to say it's taking the World by storm, wouldn't begin to do it justice.  So without further adiue, press play on this sucker bellow, download this lil betch, share it with all yo myrt friends, and read the prologue that Trop has so generously inscribed for us...
Gooch Tape #1 by Tropicool (official)

"On a Sunday night, in a beach town not so far away from you, I cracked open a Pacifico and began to ponder what I would do as the elusive evening drew closer and city lights began to flicker on. I decided to soul-search and ate a few silver-striped mushrooms out of an old embroidered Chinese box I had hidden beneath the dock. As I walked along the beach, the sand softly tickled my toes and the waves crashed in a perfect symphony. Just then, Poseidon’s froth had washed something hard up onto my foot. It was a glistening whiskey bottle; Jameson’s own to be exact. I opened it up, expecting a rich carmel liquid to engulf my soul and warm it from the inside out. However, out fell a flash drive where the words “Gooch-Tape #1″ were engraved. It was a sign; a sign that good things were coming. A sign that the warmth and sun-kissed poolside jams of summer would flow into the colorful world autumn had to offer. Warm your soul and paint your walls gold!" -Tropicool 

Cruise out to Santa Monica this Thursday to see Tropicool, Bixel Boys, SAH, and a special guest DJ/Producer; all bring down the house with boss ass jams!  RSVP HERE
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  1. hendo, you may be surprized to hear this but yes, sir, this is excellent tunes for the full moons