Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NO SHIRT / NO SHOES Crew @ VS Santa Monica

Ever since I was a grom dj, not so long ago, I'd frequent LA's West Side and watch professionals like the Guns do it big, REAL BIG!  More often than not, I'd find myself feelin good, stompin my feet, and bobbin my weaves to the pumpin sounds that blasted out of Danceism & Gotta Dance Dirty's Thursday night rager that they like to call: VS.  As the months went by and my wang went dry, I find myself now sitting in the driver seat, getting road domerz. savoring every salivating sensation BUT saving my party sauce explosion for the dance floor!

That's right, tomorrow night, the freak show that is No Shirt / No Shoes (that you all know and love from your favorite summer party) are invading the west side and we're bringing our summer debauchery with us!  So strap on your dildo Ed Hardy Hat Affliction Shirt Gucci Shades Party Hat, Your Dancin Shoes, and stock up on Profos cause there's gonna be a lot of baby making going down while/after Tropicool, Bixel Boys, A SUPER SECRET FROTHY DJ/PRODUCER, and I are done with the place!

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