Monday, September 12, 2011

Sneaky Myrtle Monday

Firstly, hats off to Oliver, who undoubtedly has the Midas touch; every single remix they do is pure gold/feel-good floor stompers!  Their most recent Sneaky Sound System remix is surely no exception.  With a dance beat that moves yo feet, a synth line that makes you think, and Connie Mitchell's vocals that take this track even further, I had a boner 12 seconds into this song; and then I crept on her pictures and pretty much just ruined my 6k thread count Moroccan Ostrich-print bed sheets!

I'm now taking my sheets to the dry cleaner but if the above track and picture weren't enough to satisfy your myrt froth on this lovely Monday, their vid for their track entitled "We Love" is pure genius, hot, steamy, and may contain a lot of Sexual In-U-Hendos…

See you at the dry cleaners...
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