Saturday, September 24, 2011

No Shirt / No Shoes - The Encore TODAY!

The fat lady has awoken with the gnarliet hangover ever and she just can't seem to shake her shakes
Poseidon got all thee No Shirt / No Shoes guys on the phone and said that there's gonna be a lack of swell unless we do some sort of rain dance to appease him and his lovely aphrodite.  So in true fashion, we took our mangled boards to Joe Roper's ding repair, put away da spring suits, and lathered up the dance floor with some premium KY Jelly lube for one last time.  Alas, all good things must come to an end but today, she's more ready for you than ever…

I don't know what's sadder watching summer leave or seeing it go; but instead of drowning in our sorrows, we're gonna be pounding till tomorrows!  We're finishing this thing the way we started it, fucking yup, you guessed it, Poolside's very own Jeffrey Paradise is comin out to spin some wicked heaters along with Dirty Dave, and Billy Scher (American Royalty) of Guns In The Sun!  If that wasn't enough, I'll be jammin some old skool boss sauce tracks along with Bixel BoysTropicool, and special guest Junkyard for one last wave in.  So take your thumb outa yer ass and cruise out Downtown to the Standard Hotel, RSVP, and prepare for an Encore that could quite possibly leave you broken, bruised, and hung the fuck over till next summer...
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