Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Get Outta Mah Haüs!

House music, disco, electrohell, DiscoSYNTHesis, NuDisco, whatever the hell you wanna call it; is sweeping the nation faster than skinny jeans on sale at Justin Bieber's house.  Whether you like it or not, sometimes a good EDM (Electronic Dance Music) track goes quite well with the boosting of an air reverse met by the pounding rhythms of a hard beat or the punchy sounds of a snare or hand clap.  Though its roots can't be cleanly traced, I recall Transworld Surf's Tomorrow Today as being one of the first surf vids I seen with a few electrohell tracks.  Whether or not surf videos will continue as such, is yet to be determined but one thing is for sure, this fun beach break day in Florida looks that much better while Classixx's "Into The Valley" is playing…

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