Thursday, September 8, 2011


Ahhhhhh shittttt!!!!!!
Where am I? Who art thou? What hast thou done with thine rod?
Sheeesh mates, seems like a blink of an eye when we first started summer off in early April and got the city of Angels rockin to a new beat wave!

With a frothy crowd full of surf-stoked grommet hearts, myrts with arses that you could bounce a square off of, and DJ line ups that even made Woodstock shiver in its snow boots, this summer's No Shirt / No Shoes Party series has been legendary (to say the least) and has left no unturn stoned stone unturned…

If you missed any of the festivities this summer, the man, the myth, the legend behind this epic series aka Dub Frequency's/Bixel Boys very own Ian MacPherson  has broken down the fun, the froth, and the fury for yaz:
*NS1 - We brought out Poolside for their very first LA DJ set; and UK synthmasters Futurecop!
*NS2 - Aussie production phenom Plastic Plates and LA disco prince UTern
*NS3 - The Black Lips got the roof rowdy while Superhumanoids and Guns in the Sun played an all vinyl set
*NS4 - Viceroy came down from SF and lit the roof on fire, while Miguel Delabarracuda introduced the frothers to Tribal
*NS5 - The rooftop return of Flosstradamus in full 2x4 fashion. Supported by Gloves and French Horn Rebellion

On-top of the above wildness and our homies at The AMPAL Creative for keepin us steezed thee fack out, the guys in the grime, the dudes with the tude, and the Djs with the BJs who held it down all summer long included my good friends: Tropicool, Bixel Boys,  and myself SAH, as we got initiated into the elite rooftop surf gang and threw beats all day long till our hands bled…

Alas, we have sadly come to the end of the road
But do not despair my friends, with every ending comes a new beginning and before the fat lady sings, the meat curtains are closed, and the facial explodes; come join us for one last F-R-O-T-H!  If there's one thing for certain, this last party is sure to be the biggest, the wildest, and the most frothy in the history of our sport!  So come one, come all, and join us for some frothy suds, some boss party jamz, and memories that will make your grand kids shiver on their hover boards!

To all of those who have DJed, partied, cheered, cried, laughed, drank, swam, sank, hung, and most notably helped make the No Shirt / No Shoes party an unforgettable experience, I SAH-lute you with the utmost respect and I'd like to thank you for turning my wet dreams into a froth-soaked reality!
THANK YOU, see you on Saturday!
Au revoir mi amoréz
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