Sunday, September 11, 2011

2011 = Best Summer Ever? Fark Chea!

Summer came & went like the Ghost of Xmas' Past on a black tar bender…
As we reach the pearly gates of Fall and say good bye to what could possibly be the best summer I've ever had, I just wanted to do a lil lookback and reflect on the fun that was had.

-March14th: Future Classic releases Poolside's legendary feel-good track "Do You Believe" which in turn gains massive attention thus starting a daytime disco revolution that essentially spawned Dub Frequency's Ian Macpherson to give birth to a legacy that we all know and love as the No Shirt / No Shoes Party Series starting in April.  Summer prematurely ejaculates and the bender begins.  Meanwhile, Parko wins bells, Cabo San Lucas erupts with LJ locals tearing it a new one, SAH falls for Myrt Reynolds, and Barborg single-handedly makes me shit my snow-boots by busting down the door!

-May: SAH guest DJs for No Shirt / No Shoes party featuring another daytime disco legend by the name of Plastic Plates!  The brazzo invasion begins as Adriano De Souza wins the Rio comp and Miguel Pupo takes Nike's Lowers Pro.  Gatordade releases their newest brilliancy entitled "Lîmon Pepino", an intriguingly delicious concoction derived of cucumbers, limes, and liquid- roots…

-June:  "SAH frothing" becomes domestic as No Shirt / No Shoes resident roster includes: Bixel Boys, Tropicool, & SAH!  More cali gigs arrive from DTLA, Hollywood, San Diego and beyond!  Cabo ignites in flames for the 2nd time in a row as DDTers and San Diegans alike go ape shit in the streets wearing green suits and Womens' denim dresses!  Kermit ponders the size of his penis…

-July:  America turns 25, humans celebrate, and still can't believe that they have to work on the 5th of July.  July 23rd: the stars align, humans collide on a sunny Saturday rooftop, and I produce my best DJ set to date.  Jordy wins J-Bay, APE gloves make triumphant return, and SUPing officially becomes Perez Hilton's favorite pastime.  Flat Top inducts the No Shirt / No Shoes crew into Billabong's elite DJ club and we Blow Up

-August:  Hardfest, Pac Fest, Fuck Fest, Froth Fest…  The saturation of electro begins as festivals and gigs all over California celebrate the life and death of electronic music, meanwhile Disco lives in the Honey Lounge, San Francisco, and of course on the DTLA Standard Rooftop.  By far, Pacific Festival takes the cake for best lineup, best venue, and overall best music festival experience within 2011.  Jeffrey Paradise & Ava Berlin's Blow Up Forever party takes the cake for a phenomenal lineup, great atmosphere, and best disco party for Summer 2011.  Ke11y Slater wins Teahupoo and Beetle Borg makes his long anticipated comeback to Waikiki's red light district…

-September:    My big bro ties the knot  as I sit shotgun and witness the greatest celebration of love this planet has ever known!  Owen wins New Yoke comp.  Yesterday: No Shirt / No Shoes Summer Party Series ends with a bang!  See you all next summer; or will we????

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