Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Get Outta Mah Haüs!

House music, disco, electrohell, DiscoSYNTHesis, NuDisco, whatever the hell you wanna call it; is sweeping the nation faster than skinny jeans on sale at Justin Bieber's house.  Whether you like it or not, sometimes a good EDM (Electronic Dance Music) track goes quite well with the boosting of an air reverse met by the pounding rhythms of a hard beat or the punchy sounds of a snare or hand clap.  Though its roots can't be cleanly traced, I recall Transworld Surf's Tomorrow Today as being one of the first surf vids I seen with a few electrohell tracks.  Whether or not surf videos will continue as such, is yet to be determined but one thing is for sure, this fun beach break day in Florida looks that much better while Classixx's "Into The Valley" is playing…

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Myrt Monday: Dior Buns Come With A Milkshake?

I picked up a new sponsor over the weekend, roll the product placement...

Hey, a myrt is still a myrt and a squirt is still a squirt!
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

No Shirt / No Shoes - The Encore TODAY!

The fat lady has awoken with the gnarliet hangover ever and she just can't seem to shake her shakes
Poseidon got all thee No Shirt / No Shoes guys on the phone and said that there's gonna be a lack of swell unless we do some sort of rain dance to appease him and his lovely aphrodite.  So in true fashion, we took our mangled boards to Joe Roper's ding repair, put away da spring suits, and lathered up the dance floor with some premium KY Jelly lube for one last time.  Alas, all good things must come to an end but today, she's more ready for you than ever…

I don't know what's sadder watching summer leave or seeing it go; but instead of drowning in our sorrows, we're gonna be pounding till tomorrows!  We're finishing this thing the way we started it, fucking yup, you guessed it, Poolside's very own Jeffrey Paradise is comin out to spin some wicked heaters along with Dirty Dave, and Billy Scher (American Royalty) of Guns In The Sun!  If that wasn't enough, I'll be jammin some old skool boss sauce tracks along with Bixel BoysTropicool, and special guest Junkyard for one last wave in.  So take your thumb outa yer ass and cruise out Downtown to the Standard Hotel, RSVP, and prepare for an Encore that could quite possibly leave you broken, bruised, and hung the fuck over till next summer...
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Friday, September 23, 2011

I Crave Paris

Nah not that Paris, been there done that.  Who do you think was flying Taj's jet to Vegas with her? #MileHighRub

I'm talkin about the Quiky Pro France.  A place where model myrts run rampant like free stallions in grass fields covered with hash oil and ginger ale!  A place where beach breaks have a reputation and demeanor similar to Paris Hilton; they're always wide open gaping pits ready to spit you out!  A place where assholes like us rule the World (went there once as a grom and server dude took my silverware away from me twice while I was eating a shit-ass sandwich).  A place where French House/NuDisco is as constant and blasting as the putrid air we breathe.  And it's the birth place of the cremé-filled-wang-looking-desert-thing for Poseidon's sake!

As the title race draws near, and 4 contests remain to the rest of the CT year, at least we have a new interesting rivalry to watch and froth over.  Tour vet Jimmy "Ke11y" Slade and new skool goofy foot legend Owen Wright.  But alas, surfing doesn't need rivalries, surfing needs characters.  Adriano's freak out at Trestles was the closest thing to excitement surfing's seen since Bobby's words of wisdom, Sunny & Jeremy's wild day in Oz, and before that it was when Globe dropped Out of Order and we saw fools get licked at Big Rock, Mexi, and all over the place.

I'm not advocating fisticuffs what so ever, but would it hurt anyone to get some mother fuckin excitement goin on around here?  The least you could do is put Olive Oil on Adriano's wax, put Kling's fins on backwards , or throw Joe Crimo in as a wildcard!  Shit, I'm about to book my flight now to run down the beach nude shwapping my heli-cockter around enforcing some fun, excitement, and an overall escape from the mundane!  The French already hate me as it is, book me a flight and I'm there- put it on the card, worry about it later...
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Walking On A Dream

Still dreaming about the day when I some how make it out to AUS and shred some beachies with the Afends Froth Lords, rage at the frothfests with Oz McKenz mate, spin some heaters with Ghetto Ruckus, drop some freestlings with The Hated, and just overall make a complete idiot out of myself pretending to be Shane from Coolingatta!  Until then, I'll just keep Frothing On A Dream… 

Nat Lanyon Showreel from Nat Lanyon on Vimeo.
Thanks for the Vid Tip Aaon!  More froth here.
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blow Up Forever Clipalz

So many different parties were frothed this summer and SOON there will be just one more (see above & RSVP here).  So what's left after the parties over and your hangover subsides?  Besides a pack of empty condoms and a bee sting, every so often, roots people make roots videos like the following clip to help you remember your glory daze…

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Myrtle Monday: Pistols & Lipstick Bad Girls Club!

It's Monday, I've been up since 5 in the morning working on the Hurley Pro, and my eyes are starting to feel like bricks are holding 'em down.  Soooo, instead of trolling the ethernet aimlessly searching through haystacks for needles and myrtles, I've decided to take a less grueling route; a path that never steers me wrong.  Yes, that path would belong to none other than Courtney of Pistols & Lipstick!  I did a Myrtle Monday feature with her once before but I just can't seem to get enough of her Mental Myrtle selections that so elegantly grace her epicly flawless Tumblr accountI have literally gotten lost manking* the myrts posted on this site for days…
Hats off to da roots myrt C herself, and hats off to all da bad girls out there that make this stoopid World go round!  Not to mention Thee Bad Girls Club TV show that I somehow got tricked into appearing on an episode of once, but farrrrk, that'sanother story for another time…
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Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekend Weirdnesss

Happy Friday Fawkers!  Here's a couple bizarre/roots vids to keep you entertained, have a great weekend, see you in the water, Hash-Tag: MoreDaughters...

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rest In Peace DJ Mehdi

My deepest condolences to DJ Mehdi, his friends, his family, and to those of you who were fortunate enough to have the privilege of meeting him, watching him live, or even enjoying his passion for music, laughter, and life!  His music, his smile, and his spirit will live on forever!
*~ Rest In Peace ~*

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"Fuckin Muppet"

Hangin with one of the main dudes from Afends over here at Poseidon's Palace on this lovely Wednesday afternoon.  Amongst myrt talk, froth talk, and surf talk, he was generous enough to grace me with yet another classic word for the brocab bank.  Nah, not the word snorkel but the word/use of the word Muppet.  I could give a shit how you use it but just know, you will definitely start seeing it being used around these parts…

So don't be a farking muppet, get off your ace, and check out their roots froth summer lookbook right here mate:
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Reel Quiksilver Pro, New York Highlights...

Hands down, one of the best, most entertaining, and phenomenally produced contest highlight videos that I've ever seen to date!  And you can quote me on that one sir Bobby McKnight!

Grab a 12 pack, a hot dog, and some pizza and watch this beauty in her entirety…

Hats off to Quik, Stebs, D-Little, and the rest of the crew!  Great job!  I'm now frothing for a surf...
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Bixel Boys - The Surfliner Mixtape

My good friends and true summer frothers who DJ under the glorious guise of Bixel Boys are at it once again!  Still high from their last summer mix released in May, they've summoned all of Poseidon's Sirens in the Sea and have produced yet another fantastic mix that's sure to knock your socks off!  Their new mix is entitled "The Surfliner" and it's pretty much the perfect mix to pop into your cassette player, hit play, pull your pants down, and begin making sweet love to the beautiful female that lay there so seductively next to you in your bed.  Without further adieu I present to you The Surfliner; a con-cock-shun of musical marvels, beautiful babies, and boss jamz!  Enjoî!
Bixel Boys - The Surfliner by stampfactory

1) Beaumont ft. Ill Collins - City Meets Soldier (Shelby Grey Remix)
2) Montauk - Kenny
3) S.O.S Band - No one's gonna love you
4) Crystal Fighters - In the Summer (Picture House Remix) 
5) HOTBOX - Body Rock 
6) Jeremy Glenn - New Life
7) Night Plane - No Regrets
8) Crystal Fighters -Plage (Compuphonic Remix)
9) Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (Russian Adults Remix)
10) Southern Shores - Night is Young
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Monday, September 12, 2011

New SAH Font/Logo Contest

Calling all graphic designers & nerdbots alike!
Since the sweaty drunken anal conception of my logo about two years ago, boy how the times have changed!  As the SAH Blog/Froth Empire veers down the unknown road, I can't help but think that it's time for a logo/font facelift.  That's where you come into play.  If you're a graphic designer who specializes or dabbles in logos, fonts, flyers, and the like, I need your help.  Below, you will see some of my favorite flyers, logos, and fonts that should give you an idea of what I'm looking for.  Think retro 80s, babes, beer, loud, wild, clean, sleek, attention grabbing, and larger than life! 

Whether you stumble across a sick font on DaFont.com and somehow incorporate the words Surf Ambassador Hendo or redo the original SAH logo into something more retro/flashy, I'm willing to take in all submissions, post 'em on here, and eventually choose one to make shirts, stickers, and web headings that will eventually be spread all over the World!  Essentially, the font will be placed front and center on my laptop and the logo will be placed on countless pairs of warlocks!  The winner of said logo/font comp will not only win eternal glory and fame but also a SAH-prize pack filled with goodies galore (music? videos? hats? shades? profos?).  I wish you all good luck and may the best man/myrt win!

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Sneaky Myrtle Monday

Firstly, hats off to Oliver, who undoubtedly has the Midas touch; every single remix they do is pure gold/feel-good floor stompers!  Their most recent Sneaky Sound System remix is surely no exception.  With a dance beat that moves yo feet, a synth line that makes you think, and Connie Mitchell's vocals that take this track even further, I had a boner 12 seconds into this song; and then I crept on her pictures and pretty much just ruined my 6k thread count Moroccan Ostrich-print bed sheets!

I'm now taking my sheets to the dry cleaner but if the above track and picture weren't enough to satisfy your myrt froth on this lovely Monday, their vid for their track entitled "We Love" is pure genius, hot, steamy, and may contain a lot of Sexual In-U-Hendos…

See you at the dry cleaners...
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

2011 = Best Summer Ever? Fark Chea!

Summer came & went like the Ghost of Xmas' Past on a black tar bender…
As we reach the pearly gates of Fall and say good bye to what could possibly be the best summer I've ever had, I just wanted to do a lil lookback and reflect on the fun that was had.

-March14th: Future Classic releases Poolside's legendary feel-good track "Do You Believe" which in turn gains massive attention thus starting a daytime disco revolution that essentially spawned Dub Frequency's Ian Macpherson to give birth to a legacy that we all know and love as the No Shirt / No Shoes Party Series starting in April.  Summer prematurely ejaculates and the bender begins.  Meanwhile, Parko wins bells, Cabo San Lucas erupts with LJ locals tearing it a new one, SAH falls for Myrt Reynolds, and Barborg single-handedly makes me shit my snow-boots by busting down the door!

-May: SAH guest DJs for No Shirt / No Shoes party featuring another daytime disco legend by the name of Plastic Plates!  The brazzo invasion begins as Adriano De Souza wins the Rio comp and Miguel Pupo takes Nike's Lowers Pro.  Gatordade releases their newest brilliancy entitled "Lîmon Pepino", an intriguingly delicious concoction derived of cucumbers, limes, and liquid- roots…

-June:  "SAH frothing" becomes domestic as No Shirt / No Shoes resident roster includes: Bixel Boys, Tropicool, & SAH!  More cali gigs arrive from DTLA, Hollywood, San Diego and beyond!  Cabo ignites in flames for the 2nd time in a row as DDTers and San Diegans alike go ape shit in the streets wearing green suits and Womens' denim dresses!  Kermit ponders the size of his penis…

-July:  America turns 25, humans celebrate, and still can't believe that they have to work on the 5th of July.  July 23rd: the stars align, humans collide on a sunny Saturday rooftop, and I produce my best DJ set to date.  Jordy wins J-Bay, APE gloves make triumphant return, and SUPing officially becomes Perez Hilton's favorite pastime.  Flat Top inducts the No Shirt / No Shoes crew into Billabong's elite DJ club and we Blow Up

-August:  Hardfest, Pac Fest, Fuck Fest, Froth Fest…  The saturation of electro begins as festivals and gigs all over California celebrate the life and death of electronic music, meanwhile Disco lives in the Honey Lounge, San Francisco, and of course on the DTLA Standard Rooftop.  By far, Pacific Festival takes the cake for best lineup, best venue, and overall best music festival experience within 2011.  Jeffrey Paradise & Ava Berlin's Blow Up Forever party takes the cake for a phenomenal lineup, great atmosphere, and best disco party for Summer 2011.  Ke11y Slater wins Teahupoo and Beetle Borg makes his long anticipated comeback to Waikiki's red light district…

-September:    My big bro ties the knot  as I sit shotgun and witness the greatest celebration of love this planet has ever known!  Owen wins New Yoke comp.  Yesterday: No Shirt / No Shoes Summer Party Series ends with a bang!  See you all next summer; or will we????

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Quiksilver Pro, New York Highlights

Best highlight reel ever made!
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Thursday, September 8, 2011


Ahhhhhh shittttt!!!!!!
Where am I? Who art thou? What hast thou done with thine rod?
Sheeesh mates, seems like a blink of an eye when we first started summer off in early April and got the city of Angels rockin to a new beat wave!

With a frothy crowd full of surf-stoked grommet hearts, myrts with arses that you could bounce a square off of, and DJ line ups that even made Woodstock shiver in its snow boots, this summer's No Shirt / No Shoes Party series has been legendary (to say the least) and has left no unturn stoned stone unturned…

If you missed any of the festivities this summer, the man, the myth, the legend behind this epic series aka Dub Frequency's/Bixel Boys very own Ian MacPherson  has broken down the fun, the froth, and the fury for yaz:
*NS1 - We brought out Poolside for their very first LA DJ set; and UK synthmasters Futurecop!
*NS2 - Aussie production phenom Plastic Plates and LA disco prince UTern
*NS3 - The Black Lips got the roof rowdy while Superhumanoids and Guns in the Sun played an all vinyl set
*NS4 - Viceroy came down from SF and lit the roof on fire, while Miguel Delabarracuda introduced the frothers to Tribal
*NS5 - The rooftop return of Flosstradamus in full 2x4 fashion. Supported by Gloves and French Horn Rebellion

On-top of the above wildness and our homies at The AMPAL Creative for keepin us steezed thee fack out, the guys in the grime, the dudes with the tude, and the Djs with the BJs who held it down all summer long included my good friends: Tropicool, Bixel Boys,  and myself SAH, as we got initiated into the elite rooftop surf gang and threw beats all day long till our hands bled…

Alas, we have sadly come to the end of the road
But do not despair my friends, with every ending comes a new beginning and before the fat lady sings, the meat curtains are closed, and the facial explodes; come join us for one last F-R-O-T-H!  If there's one thing for certain, this last party is sure to be the biggest, the wildest, and the most frothy in the history of our sport!  So come one, come all, and join us for some frothy suds, some boss party jamz, and memories that will make your grand kids shiver on their hover boards!

To all of those who have DJed, partied, cheered, cried, laughed, drank, swam, sank, hung, and most notably helped make the No Shirt / No Shoes party an unforgettable experience, I SAH-lute you with the utmost respect and I'd like to thank you for turning my wet dreams into a froth-soaked reality!
THANK YOU, see you on Saturday!
Au revoir mi amoréz
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Myrtle Monday: Kickin It Poolside

Updates and all that shit coming soon, for now, enjoy your poolside myrt-soaked MindTai
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