Friday, August 19, 2011

Tonight We Ride - Tomorrow We Floss!

The No Shirt / No Shoes crew is gonna do some guerrilla gorilla warfare tactic type shit and is flanking the kandi-kid palace better known as CONTROL at the Avalon in Hollywood and we're hittin the masses with a dose of daytime disco/mega-froth-sauce so deadly that it could put Bebop & Rocksteady in a safe house for 6 weeks after!  Be there & be there early! 

Kinda got in a lil scrap with Poseidon over my main myrt the other day, fists were flying and names were called, but he sent me a gift basket filled with: profos, band aids, APE gloves, meiger's mort, steele reserve, neon wax, a signed Joe Crimo Astro Deck circa 97, a replacement mochiato maker, and 2 tickets to see Columbo's upcoming movie premiere - point being, he's back on the VIP list and ready for action!  This time he's summoned up Frothstrodamus Flosstradamus for a poolside 2 x 4 DJ set, and a list of legends including:  Josh Madden, GLOVES, French Horn Rebellion, and Body Language.  Alongside such hell-raisers are your local rooftop FrothStars (Australian for Beer): Tropicool, Bixel Boys, & SAH plus the usual suspects of the No Shirt / No Shoes Party Posse!
So grab a tank top, sip a few cold dawgs, and join us for what could be THE LAST EPIC PARTY OF THE SUMMER!???  

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