Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pacific Festival Lineup SAH-Lects

With so much drama in the LBC, it's kinda hard not to come froth with me...
Pacific Festival aka Pac Fest aka FuckFest aka Frothville aka Everyone Gets Laid, is going down THIS SATURDAY!  With a lineup as legendary as Poseidon's Going Away Bash, you have to be somewhat narcoleptic if you haven't already purchased a ticket and booked a porno palace to get weird in afterwards. If you have purchased a ticket and said lad pad, pat yourself on the wang and come with me on a journey of lights and music

We here at the SAH Blog (me, myself, and Myrene) fully support your bountiful adventure as you weave, wobble, and bob through the masses in hopes of making it front and center to your favorite act.   With so many amazing acts to be frothed and so many other humans in your way, it gets difficult to choose who to see, what to experience while seeing them, and where to take a shit once the freejoles subside… Not to worry though lil buddy, I've got you covered!  As much as I believe in choose-your-own-adventures, below is where you can find me frothing my face off, follow if you dare...

-10:00 AM Cold Dawg in Hand checking the necessities pack: profos, camelbak filled with moonshine, AMPAL Aloha Snapper, bright neon yellow cape (easier to get stung by bees with), freejolez, buzzbirds, loopies, gooblegoos, binoculars, extra high platform shoes with goldfish in heal, CRAP Beach Parties, severed spirit hood on a stick dripping with blood, Cabo Chip munchies, GDD tank, 12 hour energy shot, and 3 separate disguises (what you up to the cops goin' bust you!).
Turn Mind Into Rage Mode With This Track:

-11:00 AM Sweatpants [Guns In The Sun]

-12:00 PM ARod [GDD]

-12:25 PM Gantez Warriors [WOR]

-1:15 PM Steffi-Graf [Guns In The Sun]

-1:45 PM  ///Bones [GDD]

-2:15 PM Tropicool [GDD/NS NS/MindTai]

-3:00 - 3:10 PM Take Shit, Wipe Ass (front to back), Find "Mr. Nice Guy" & Mr. Free

-3:10 PM American Royalty [Guns In The Sun]

-4:10 PM Afroman

-4:35 PM Poolside

-5:10 PM Wishengrad [Collaborative Media]
Roisin Murphy - Momma's Place (HammerwolF Remix)

-5:40 PM The C90s

-6:15 PM Guns In The Sun Deejays [Guns In The Sun]

-7:00 PM Jacques Renault

-7:35 PM Fred Falke

-8:45 PM Bag Raiders

-9:30 PM Ghostland Observatory

-10:20 PM G.L.O.V.E.S.

-11:00 PM The Twelves

-11:26 PM  Snoop

-11:30 PM The Black Lips


-2:00 AM After Party [My Pants]
* Remember: the available tracks on this blog should be considered promotional samples only. We urge our readers to support the artists by clicking on our buy links or by going to see them live when they froth by. If an artist/label would like an mp3 removed, please contact us at: SurfAmbassadorHendo(at)gmail(dot)com
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