Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No Shirt / No Shoes @ Filter Mag's Music Festival

Read the fine blue lineup print and look for the SAH, Trop, & Bix
Dear Mom,
no need to send me any clean boxers or my Pinocchio themed headgear, I've finally made it to a place where people can accept me for the freak that I am!  Me and my surf camp friends "The No Shirt / No Shoes Crew" have been given the honor of playing at Filter Magazine's Culture Collide Music Festival coming to the streets of Los Angeles this October.  With incredibly talented musical acts form all over the World, we're more than frothing at the mouth to be a part of something so special!  So tell nanna, uncle Limpy, and cousin Gertrude to get out of their rocking chairs and put their dancing shoes on in preparation for painting this town Red!  That goes for the rest of you frothers too, get your tickets here, and join me, Bixel Boys, and Tropicool on a musical journey that'll be sure to leave you with a smile in your hand and a fist in your mouth?  

The fest is going down at several locations throughout LA from October 6 through the 9th, see you in the jungle!
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