Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Holy Ghost! Some Children

Being surrounded by such great music festivals, talented musicians, and Froth-Lord DJs, slowly but surely my musical side is grabbing ahold of me and da blog is beginning to turn into a tune rag yet again (not a bad thing at all)!  Those of you seeking surf shit, cruise by once a week and there most certainly will be something that tickles your fancy.  Those of you loyal ones who seek boobs, weirdness, froth, shneeks, electrohell, and photos of Gary Coleman making out with a narcoleptic Larry Bird, you've come to the right place cause that ain't goin nowhere!

No Shirt / No Shoes crew hangin with Poolside at Pacific Fest
After having attended said recent music festivals, there's definitely a few acts that stuck out in my mind and took the cake for best live performance, cleanest live sound, and most groupies acquired!  I'll be chiming in with those bands every so often to keep you in the know of where to go.

First off is one of my all times favorites, Holy Ghost!  Saw them again 2 weeks ago at Hard and they blew my mind yet again!  With solid funky tunes, clean sound, and an energetic live performance that makes dudes jealous and myrts squirt their pants, it should be a no-brainer that you buy a Holy Ghost ticket whenever they come to your town.  For now, enjoy a somewhat recent concoction of theirs…

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