Friday, August 26, 2011


A few disco SAH-lect jamz to get you ready for the weekend, enjoi!

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blow Up Forever *SF*

Calling all Californians far and wide, this Saturday night is mos definitely gonna be a night to remember in the city of San Francisco.  Frothers from all over the World are conjoining at The Factory for one night and one only to get wild and enjoy some epic tunes as pumped out by mega superstar magicians musicians hailing from Electro's finest all star lineup!  That's right, this Saturday night our buddy Jeffrey Paradise from Poolside and his babe Ava Berlin proudly present "Blow Up Forever" a disco dance party beyond epic proportions!      

With a lineup that literally will make your jaw drop, Jeff & Ava have summoned some of the World's best including such heaters as: Classixx, Drop The Lime, Poolside, Plastic Plates, Bang Gang DJs, Glass Candy, Cosmic Kids, Acid Girls, and so many more that I'd probably get carpal tunnel syndrome if I continued.  If that weren't enough, they've also called in the reinforcements and have wrangled none other than the No Shirt / No Shoes crew including: myself (SAH), TropĂ®cool, and Bixel Boys along with our good buddy Viceory and LoL Boys, B33son, and a super frothy Special Guest that you won't wanna miss!  We'll be frothing some super spicy disco tunes up in the Forever Lounge and there will be 2 separate stages where you can go and watch the All Stars melt your face off!  So get your tickets, cruise out, get weird, and get ready for the time of your life.  If you don't go, you'll probably regret it forever...

Official site Here
Get Tickets Here:
Like the facebook page Here
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tahiti Pro Party Tonight in SD

Ho brahs!  Howz it?  Shoots, tonight is da night da No Chirt / No Choes crew rides da big kona and rips some mean tunes for da kine wahines in San Diego.  Wit mean drink specials and choke sushi all night, it pretty much a no-braina dat you gotta be at  Billabong's Tahiti Pro Party tonight  at Zenbu in Cardiff!  Shoots, who knows, they may even have some of dose mean grinds we used to get at da Kohuku Suprette ya?  SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTS CUZ!
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Myrtle Monday: reef rASSh

This is some of the footage I've been editing the past week, ya my life sucks...
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Tonight We Ride - Tomorrow We Floss!

The No Shirt / No Shoes crew is gonna do some guerrilla gorilla warfare tactic type shit and is flanking the kandi-kid palace better known as CONTROL at the Avalon in Hollywood and we're hittin the masses with a dose of daytime disco/mega-froth-sauce so deadly that it could put Bebop & Rocksteady in a safe house for 6 weeks after!  Be there & be there early! 

Kinda got in a lil scrap with Poseidon over my main myrt the other day, fists were flying and names were called, but he sent me a gift basket filled with: profos, band aids, APE gloves, meiger's mort, steele reserve, neon wax, a signed Joe Crimo Astro Deck circa 97, a replacement mochiato maker, and 2 tickets to see Columbo's upcoming movie premiere - point being, he's back on the VIP list and ready for action!  This time he's summoned up Frothstrodamus Flosstradamus for a poolside 2 x 4 DJ set, and a list of legends including:  Josh Madden, GLOVES, French Horn Rebellion, and Body Language.  Alongside such hell-raisers are your local rooftop FrothStars (Australian for Beer): Tropicool, Bixel Boys, & SAH plus the usual suspects of the No Shirt / No Shoes Party Posse!
So grab a tank top, sip a few cold dawgs, and join us for what could be THE LAST EPIC PARTY OF THE SUMMER!???  

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

No Shirt / No Shoes @ Filter Mag's Music Festival

Read the fine blue lineup print and look for the SAH, Trop, & Bix
Dear Mom,
no need to send me any clean boxers or my Pinocchio themed headgear, I've finally made it to a place where people can accept me for the freak that I am!  Me and my surf camp friends "The No Shirt / No Shoes Crew" have been given the honor of playing at Filter Magazine's Culture Collide Music Festival coming to the streets of Los Angeles this October.  With incredibly talented musical acts form all over the World, we're more than frothing at the mouth to be a part of something so special!  So tell nanna, uncle Limpy, and cousin Gertrude to get out of their rocking chairs and put their dancing shoes on in preparation for painting this town Red!  That goes for the rest of you frothers too, get your tickets here, and join me, Bixel Boys, and Tropicool on a musical journey that'll be sure to leave you with a smile in your hand and a fist in your mouth?  

The fest is going down at several locations throughout LA from October 6 through the 9th, see you in the jungle!
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Housse De Racket - Roman

Been lurking and trolling a bit tonight on various homey blogs and I came across a lil gem on my good mate Junkyard's blizog!  Check out the video for Housse De Racket's latest single entitled "Roman" here:

And get schooled as you read the literature of the Funky Junky here:

Housse De Racket’s recent single “Roman” gets synth laid all over it by LA’s own Oliver. Oliver also has a ridiculously catchy single on the way “I Need You”, already geting massive play from deejays everywhere and requests from nerdbots all over the globe. The duo is on a roll, I hear they have some massive profile remixes on the way, keep check!
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Holy Ghost! Some Children

Being surrounded by such great music festivals, talented musicians, and Froth-Lord DJs, slowly but surely my musical side is grabbing ahold of me and da blog is beginning to turn into a tune rag yet again (not a bad thing at all)!  Those of you seeking surf shit, cruise by once a week and there most certainly will be something that tickles your fancy.  Those of you loyal ones who seek boobs, weirdness, froth, shneeks, electrohell, and photos of Gary Coleman making out with a narcoleptic Larry Bird, you've come to the right place cause that ain't goin nowhere!

No Shirt / No Shoes crew hangin with Poolside at Pacific Fest
After having attended said recent music festivals, there's definitely a few acts that stuck out in my mind and took the cake for best live performance, cleanest live sound, and most groupies acquired!  I'll be chiming in with those bands every so often to keep you in the know of where to go.

First off is one of my all times favorites, Holy Ghost!  Saw them again 2 weeks ago at Hard and they blew my mind yet again!  With solid funky tunes, clean sound, and an energetic live performance that makes dudes jealous and myrts squirt their pants, it should be a no-brainer that you buy a Holy Ghost ticket whenever they come to your town.  For now, enjoy a somewhat recent concoction of theirs…

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Make way kandi kids/raver chicks and be sure to leave your panda bear backpacks and glow sticks at home!  The No Shirt / No Shoes crew is taking over the Avalon's legendary CONTROL event and is leaving no prisoners behind!  Cruise out to the Honey Lounge and prepare for a massive southern swell full of disco tunes, troppo bangers, and classic 80's heaterss that are sure to knock your booties off all night long!  More info and froth here.
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Claimjumper Party of Three...

Got a chance to meet up with my boi D-Dunf last week in DTLA and we got to talkin.  Not only is he still chargin like a madman but he's been workin on some surf projects and the following video is just that!  In collaboration with Korduroy tv and Josiah Panella, they've cooked up an extra spicy vid depicting the hall of fame of lame claims!  Take a peeper:

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pacific Festival Lineup SAH-Lects

With so much drama in the LBC, it's kinda hard not to come froth with me...
Pacific Festival aka Pac Fest aka FuckFest aka Frothville aka Everyone Gets Laid, is going down THIS SATURDAY!  With a lineup as legendary as Poseidon's Going Away Bash, you have to be somewhat narcoleptic if you haven't already purchased a ticket and booked a porno palace to get weird in afterwards. If you have purchased a ticket and said lad pad, pat yourself on the wang and come with me on a journey of lights and music

We here at the SAH Blog (me, myself, and Myrene) fully support your bountiful adventure as you weave, wobble, and bob through the masses in hopes of making it front and center to your favorite act.   With so many amazing acts to be frothed and so many other humans in your way, it gets difficult to choose who to see, what to experience while seeing them, and where to take a shit once the freejoles subside… Not to worry though lil buddy, I've got you covered!  As much as I believe in choose-your-own-adventures, below is where you can find me frothing my face off, follow if you dare...

-10:00 AM Cold Dawg in Hand checking the necessities pack: profos, camelbak filled with moonshine, AMPAL Aloha Snapper, bright neon yellow cape (easier to get stung by bees with), freejolez, buzzbirds, loopies, gooblegoos, binoculars, extra high platform shoes with goldfish in heal, CRAP Beach Parties, severed spirit hood on a stick dripping with blood, Cabo Chip munchies, GDD tank, 12 hour energy shot, and 3 separate disguises (what you up to the cops goin' bust you!).
Turn Mind Into Rage Mode With This Track:

-11:00 AM Sweatpants [Guns In The Sun]

-12:00 PM ARod [GDD]

-12:25 PM Gantez Warriors [WOR]

-1:15 PM Steffi-Graf [Guns In The Sun]

-1:45 PM  ///Bones [GDD]

-2:15 PM Tropicool [GDD/NS NS/MindTai]

-3:00 - 3:10 PM Take Shit, Wipe Ass (front to back), Find "Mr. Nice Guy" & Mr. Free

-3:10 PM American Royalty [Guns In The Sun]

-4:10 PM Afroman

-4:35 PM Poolside

-5:10 PM Wishengrad [Collaborative Media]
Roisin Murphy - Momma's Place (HammerwolF Remix)

-5:40 PM The C90s

-6:15 PM Guns In The Sun Deejays [Guns In The Sun]

-7:00 PM Jacques Renault

-7:35 PM Fred Falke

-8:45 PM Bag Raiders

-9:30 PM Ghostland Observatory

-10:20 PM G.L.O.V.E.S.

-11:00 PM The Twelves

-11:26 PM  Snoop

-11:30 PM The Black Lips


-2:00 AM After Party [My Pants]
* Remember: the available tracks on this blog should be considered promotional samples only. We urge our readers to support the artists by clicking on our buy links or by going to see them live when they froth by. If an artist/label would like an mp3 removed, please contact us at: SurfAmbassadorHendo(at)gmail(dot)com
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

SAH DJ Set This Friday @ Purple Lounge

This Friday, I'm pleased to announce that I'll be making a triumphant return to one of my first DJ Frothing Grounds and one of my first DJ gigs in Hollywood, none other than Shake The Hand's Friday event at the Purple Lounge in the Hollywood Standard Hotel.  Alongside STH resident DJ Ricardo Carlos, I'll be serving up some audio froth with The Pharcyde's very own legendary FatLip!

RSVP here, and be sure to get there before 10:30 as it will definitely fill up; plus my froth set is goin down around 11:00PM!  Here's the weirdness that went down last time, bring your snorkel...  

SAH DJ SET @ The Hollywood Standard from Surf Ambassador Hendo on Vimeo.
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Monday, August 8, 2011

Myrt Mon: Amanda Smith x Love Sex Dance Mag

If you haven't checked out Love Sex Dance Magazine, then you're an amphibian!  Whilst riding your fixie, try not to get an indie boner after watching this weird shit and strokin it to the pics below.  Some say freckles are sun-kissed angel sprinkles, others say they're remnants of devil's dandruff, you decide…
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Party? Surf? Surf Party?

Take a look at the above split screen and contemplate who you'd rather be?
On the left side is the World famous Disco Duo better known as Duck Sauce (consisting of Armand Van Helden & A-Trak) and on the right side is none other than the best surfer that Ever lived aka Kelly "SlaTEN" Slater!  If you think about it, there's really not all that much different between the two parties…

Both Duck Sauce and Slater get paid to travel the World, go the most extravagant VIP parties filled with the most beautiful myrtles in the land, surf waves (one surfs sounds waves, one surfs real waves), they both have the power to move thousands of people with their remarkable skills, and they both have been in the game since they were frothy lil groms!

As I awoke from a hazy and hunch-backed Hardfest this morning/afternoon, I turned on the boob tube and began to witness a more than bizarre US Open final as Slates completely dominated Yadin Nicol.  With 4 minutes left in the final, Slater had already caught 6 waves, spun a full 360 air, posted a total of 17 on the baord, and read half of Moby Dick; at which point Yades caught his first close-out and flung his board in chop hop disgust.  Ultimately, Slater let the World know (yet again) that he's back and he ain't goin no where in anytime soon! Hail!

Flashback to several hours before and picture me rollin…
As I sat on a grassy knoll (myrt in hand) overlooking a sea of candy/raver kids going completely ape-shit for the richest Disco-Bisque Set that I have seen served to date, I SAH-stomped the night away and dreamt I was a panda dancing in a field of cotton candy!  As I got closer and closer to the dynamic disco duo, the warmth and energy of the crowd grew greater and greater.  As Duck Sauce magically pulled out disco bangers like rabbits out of their hats, a sense of euphoria (a feeling somewhat similar to getting pitted) came over me and I cried like a baby lamb on free slurpee day...        

Moral of the story is: Slates is Duck Sauce, Duck Sauce is Slates, Finkel is Einhorn?  Obtuse thoughts produce mundane knowledge...
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Friday, August 5, 2011


Threw out my back getting weird the other day so I've pretty much been confined to a couch/bed lately and thought I might as well make the most out of it and record a quick mix. I started mixin then pressed record, here is what I got…

I've probably put these tracks in previous mixes, may be they've been in your mixes (sorry), or I fucked up on some trannis, either way, no midi, no mixer, just beers, payne killaz, traktor, and my fingers are what made this mix! Hopefully this will be a weekly/bi-weekly or monthly thing where I just fuck around and record the songs I like at the time. I only had 30 min left on my soundcloud hence why it gets cut off but you get the point; shady is gravy!

Anyways, blast this shit and get weird while supplies last!

Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours (Aeroplane Remix)
Voltage - All Night (Radio Edit)
Bag Raiders - Nil by Mouth (Knightlife Remix)
Chromeo - Hot Mess (Oliver Remix)
Russ Chimes- Targa (Bestrack Remix)
Short Circuit - How We Speak (Sam Padrul Remix)
Florrie - Give Me Your Love (Justin Faust Remix)
Ocelot - Our Time (Kap10Kurt Remix)
Stars On 45 - Stars on 45 (Addy Van Der Zwan Remix)
Madeon - For You (Waek Remix)
Bag Raiders - Sun Light
Labtracks - Robotic Love (Lenno Remix)
Justin Faust - Revenge (Russ Chimes Remix)
PNAU - Solid Ground (Cassian Remix)
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

US Open / Agenda Party W Bareback DJs!

Ladies and MyrtleMen, the moment we've all been waiting for is almost upon us!  Amidst the Orange County chaos of the US Open and The Agenda Show, there's bound to be myrts, bros, and parties galore!  If you're lookin for a quick but more than satisfying party fix, you've come to the right place!  With the smashing success of our last Billabong Blow Up party in Del Mar, we decided to team up with Billy(Bong) again and bring out some of the big guns!

This time our boy Poseidon has summoned none other than Aus Party God DJs who froth by the name of Bareback DJs!  Consisting of pro shredders and myrt frothers Paul "The Fish" Fisher and Leigh Sedley, Bareback DJs have been tearing up the electro scene since I was listening to Skeelo in my diapers!  Ontop of such greatness, we've also riled up the mental rent-a-lords from Afends Clothing plus the usual suspects like Dub Frequency, The Ampal Creative, Mindtai, and C-Town; suffice to say there will be shwag for you to get yo swag on!

Party's at Mesa in Costa Mesa from 9 to 2am featuring DJ sets by Bareback Djs, Tropicool, Bixel Boys, and yours truly the SAH(sage)!  RSVP HERE or forever hold your piece!

I got stung by a fuckin bee the other day and threw out my back but I'm still frothin so you have absolutely no excuse not to get yo ace out tomorrow night and let loose!  Here's a bit of what to expect:
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