Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"show up BLOW UP throw up" -FlatTop

Today: Me, you, horses with dicks the size of fedex poster cylinders, chicks with stupid-cake-like-hats, a bottle of grandpa's cough syrup, and opening day at the Del Mar Racetrack.  Cruise out for a few races and lose all your money or throw up as you watch Hidalgo go in circles chasing some stupid ass bunny who's chasing a carrot who's chasing photosynthesis who's chasing oxygen and so on and so froth…

TONIGHT:  Me, you, juglord myrts, FlatTop frothing at the bit, dank sushi, silky smooth suds n' spirits, and mouthwatering chunes from non other than the following mix masters: 
9-10 Huy Believe [HB]
10-11 Surf Ambassador Hendo [Bed Bath & Beyond]
11-12 Bixel Boys [dF]
12-1 Tropicool [GDD/MindTai]
1-2 Burn Unit [GDD]
All Night Long: FlatTop [Billabong/Mindtai/Tommy Lee Froth]

Billabong's latest surf flick entitled Blow Up has just been released and is available for free download here.  In celebration of its glory, none other than Party God FlatTrop himself has decided to throw a mega rager bash tonight at Zenbu in cardiff.  Drinks flowin, myrts showin, and groms blowin (up), it's pretty clear that tonight is gonna be a doozy, to say the least...
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