Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nike Chosen - Seaside Night Session

Went down to SD on Tuesday, surfed shit seaside, and met up with my mate Chris from Seeworthy Project to work on the Nike Chosen shoot.  The beach was lined with Nike trucks, RVs, and signage galore; the groms were hungry for waves and I was hungry for gigabytes.  As the sun went down and Wavves + the dj began to play some surprisingly roots tunes, we started filmin and I started nerdin.  Unfortunately the waves weren't all that stellar (and Julian Bieber didn't show) but the pics and footage that came from that night is something out-of-this-World!  Take a look at the aesthetic beauty and be on the lookout for a vid on the way…

Oh yeah, and my homie saw a 16ft shark and some jetski dude ran over D Payne, read more here.
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