Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nate Tyler's POV

Via the lords at Mindtai (More on that glorious website soon):

"The Surfer’s Journal is doing a second installment of their POV Shorts which is a special 10-part video series covering surfers, shapers and all types of water enthusiasts.  This section is on Central California’s Nate Tyler.  Tyler has one of the smoothest styles that has ever shralped this planet and can throw an air from here to Timbuktu.  If you ever see him in the water give him a wave and get ready for your jaw to drop.  Filmmaker Joe Guglielmino does an amazing job capturing the true soul and roots that Tyler was brought up on and still vibes on today.  Keep an eye on The Surfer’s Journal for the next installment- who knows what could be next."
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