Friday, July 29, 2011

Calvin Harris - Feel So Close

Pretty good summer club banger, not Calvin's finest, but the video is kinda roots with a couple nip slips, some dance-offs, and a nice Myrt 'n Ernie romantic plot-line.  Take this video, add bikes + guns, and you've got yourself Arcade Fire's The Suburbs

Oh the irony...
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nike Chosen - Seaside Night Session

Went down to SD on Tuesday, surfed shit seaside, and met up with my mate Chris from Seeworthy Project to work on the Nike Chosen shoot.  The beach was lined with Nike trucks, RVs, and signage galore; the groms were hungry for waves and I was hungry for gigabytes.  As the sun went down and Wavves + the dj began to play some surprisingly roots tunes, we started filmin and I started nerdin.  Unfortunately the waves weren't all that stellar (and Julian Bieber didn't show) but the pics and footage that came from that night is something out-of-this-World!  Take a look at the aesthetic beauty and be on the lookout for a vid on the way…

Oh yeah, and my homie saw a 16ft shark and some jetski dude ran over D Payne, read more here.
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Somebody That I Used To Know

Chorus is über catchy, don't mind that nude dude but do mind Kimbra, the sick chick!
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No Shirt / No Shoes = All Myrt / All Booze

This is what Poseidon and I have been up to this summer.  Peep 00:29, definition of SAH froth...
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

Myrt Monday: Whitney Houston

Stunning vocals, fresh computer generated drums, power synth, and epic horns… How could I not have started my Saturday set with this classic?  Thanks to ol skool myrt Whitney Houston for inspiring the happy feet on a rooftop Saturday!
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SAH Mesmerizing

See above picture, contemplate the noise, the motion, the lights, the sounds, and the madness that was this moment.  I've been trying myself to go back to this point and even though I was somewhat sober, the pure adrenaline and energy that was this moment, overtook my senses, my mind, and my wang and blacked me the fuck out!  This was Dub Frequency's No Shirt / No Shoes party ft our boy disco legend Viceroy this past Saturday on the roof of the Standard Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles and to say it was Legendary would not even begin to do it justice.

Amongst a sea of homies, my main myrt, hot babes, great tunes, perfect weather, freaks, shneeks, and go-go beaks, this day will forever be tattoed in my mind as the best set I've ever had.  With Hendo chants galore, party animals dancing like it was their last day on earth, and a victory hoist to the bar after my set, I can't begin to thank everyone who made this such a special moment in time for me.  Your support, frothyness, and utter faith means the World and for that I am forever in your debt!  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for  such a mesmerizing day!  Now, enough with the sappy shit, go get fucked up and root a myrt yeow!

Here's a pumpin flavor savor diddy from my set that should help transport you back to the madness:
Junior Senior - Move Your Feet (Tobtok Edit) ▲Free Download▲ by Tobtok

Huge shout outs to: Viceroy, Bixel Boys, Tropicool, C-Town, Miggy, Burn Unit, Dub Frequency, Ampal Creative, MindTai, Junkyard Kicks, uber frothers at Afends ClothingSociété Perrier, and everyone else who helped contribute to such an epic adventure!
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Thursday, July 21, 2011


Sheesh, last night was a freaking doozy (to say the least)!  Everyone was already pretty much hammered from the races by the time the No Shirt / No Shoes crew showed up to Zenbu and literally bent the place over and made it beg for mercy!  

Anyways, amidst a chaotic week of frothing and myrting, I managed to grab a couple of MindTais/Chilladas, post myself up in a cozy nook by the beach, and pump out a short mixtape for your listening pleasure!  If you like daytime disco, boobs, beer, and the beach, then you'll pretty much never want to leave Dub Frequency's No Shirt / No Shoes party!  Poseidon himself even called it "The Greatest Frothfest since Noah's Arc".  This mix features a few of the tracks I like to play at said "frothfest" and is perfect for throwing in your cooler along with a sixer of bud, a doobi snack, and possibly some Zanzalee's if you're feelin frisky.  So sand off your Neck Beard, throw on your checkered slippys, shade your face with Ampal & Crap, and let the tunes ease your kindred spirit...     



No Shirt / No Shoes Ambassador Anthem
Sundance - Old Orville Shop 

Golden Bug & Rodion feat. Lavinia Claws - Washing Machine (Bottin's Spin Cycle) 

Aeroplane vs Friendly Fires vs Flight Facilities - I Crave Paris
Ilija Rudman - See (Drop Out Orchestra Remix)
Cassian - I Like What You''re Doing (Isaac Tichauer Remix) 

Beni - Yeah (Mickey Remix)
Dublin Aunts - Found Love (Original Mix)
Sebastien Tellier - Kilometer (Aeroplane Italo 84 Remix) 

Miami Horror - Holidays
Jupiter - Sake 

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (Pdex Remix)

This mix is brought to you by our good friends at Dub Frequency, The Ampal Creative, MindTai, and Junkyard Kicks.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"show up BLOW UP throw up" -FlatTop

Today: Me, you, horses with dicks the size of fedex poster cylinders, chicks with stupid-cake-like-hats, a bottle of grandpa's cough syrup, and opening day at the Del Mar Racetrack.  Cruise out for a few races and lose all your money or throw up as you watch Hidalgo go in circles chasing some stupid ass bunny who's chasing a carrot who's chasing photosynthesis who's chasing oxygen and so on and so froth…

TONIGHT:  Me, you, juglord myrts, FlatTop frothing at the bit, dank sushi, silky smooth suds n' spirits, and mouthwatering chunes from non other than the following mix masters: 
9-10 Huy Believe [HB]
10-11 Surf Ambassador Hendo [Bed Bath & Beyond]
11-12 Bixel Boys [dF]
12-1 Tropicool [GDD/MindTai]
1-2 Burn Unit [GDD]
All Night Long: FlatTop [Billabong/Mindtai/Tommy Lee Froth]

Billabong's latest surf flick entitled Blow Up has just been released and is available for free download here.  In celebration of its glory, none other than Party God FlatTrop himself has decided to throw a mega rager bash tonight at Zenbu in cardiff.  Drinks flowin, myrts showin, and groms blowin (up), it's pretty clear that tonight is gonna be a doozy, to say the least...
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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bag Raiders - Not Over

For those of you who haven't seen this vid or heard this song yet, consider yourself very UNlucky.  Make sure you handcuff your legs to your desk if you dun feel like dancin foo…
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Monday, July 18, 2011

Myrtle Monday: I Miss The Eighties

This is pretty much like a free promo vid for the party we're having this Saturday (see post below).  Too bad the closest thing resembling lube around me is Elmer's Glue…

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Saturday, July 23rd Dub Frequency presents No Shirt / No Shoes featuring Viceroy & Other Cewl Dewdz

Hello there again,
all is well in Hendonesia Land just wanted to check in again and tell you how much I love and miss you.  After my tour bus decided to ditch me in Ausland (see above,, I blacked out and awoke in Chino Hills (yes for the 2nd time) but this time it was next to a small chimp named Daisy.  Grasping onto my only remaining pair of clean boxers, Daisy looked to be a stubborn lil betch but after a few Cheetos, she gave in and gave me a ride back to the lad pad on skid row.  Timing is everything and I got in town just in time for what will surely be one of the best weekends of the summer as we're gearing up for another frothy installment of No Shirt / No Shoes at the Downtown Standard Hotel!

Saturday, July 23rd, Dub Frequency x The Ampal Creative x Mindtai x Perrier presents No Shirt / No Shoes with live DJ Sets from daytime disco legends Viceroy (Shiny Disco Club), Miggy The Music Selector (De La Barracuda), C-Town, along with rooftop locals: Tropicool (GDD), Bixel Boys (dF), yours truly SAH (Sit N' Sleep), and family friend Burn Unit (GDD).  Doors open at 1PM and close around 7PM.

If you still haven't made it out to one of these frothfests (or have but can't remember), get your ass downtown around high noon this Saturday, put your ear to the ground and your eyes to the skies, listen for booming bass, and look for the Froth symbol as you follow your nose to the euphoric scents of Coppertone, that-one-disgusting-perfume-that-I-hate-but-all-the-chicks-wear, $40 champagne bottles, and the purest scent of summertime satisfaction that ever existed!  I already skyped with Poseidon and he told me he's going to call off the swell and cruise out with his Myrtmaid and join the madness!  Along with my loss of virginity, we will also be celebrating Chaos Crew legend Kevo's Birthday so see you in the urine umm I mean pool…

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm Coming Home

Soon enough my friends, the blog will be back to its regularly scheduled program and there'll be so much weird shit on here that you'll want to shit on me for making you shit yourself.  But for now, I just came to say hello...
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nate Tyler's POV

Via the lords at Mindtai (More on that glorious website soon):

"The Surfer’s Journal is doing a second installment of their POV Shorts which is a special 10-part video series covering surfers, shapers and all types of water enthusiasts.  This section is on Central California’s Nate Tyler.  Tyler has one of the smoothest styles that has ever shralped this planet and can throw an air from here to Timbuktu.  If you ever see him in the water give him a wave and get ready for your jaw to drop.  Filmmaker Joe Guglielmino does an amazing job capturing the true soul and roots that Tyler was brought up on and still vibes on today.  Keep an eye on The Surfer’s Journal for the next installment- who knows what could be next."
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Monday, July 11, 2011

MM: Jump For Joy

Myrts in tight n bright colored pants jumping over cars n shit?  I don't even have to say boner to let you know what I think about this clip.  If you're an uber horn-ball and look very closely at exactly 02:31, there's a slight nip slip if you zoom your screen into 400%.  Froth on Garth!
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Updates From The Road

Dear Mom and Uncle Edna,
things on tour have been pretty swell!  So far I've travelled over 9 continents, 36 cities, and 2 towns.  The shows have been epic and the groupies have been thorough but more importantly, the STDs have been superb!  Last night I opened for JUSTICE and some duo named Daft Prunk (?)!  After, we went to a mansion party at Gary Busey's house and watched Zack Effron breast feed Usher and Jamiroquai at the same time!  Everyone seemed very sick because they were taking a lot of medicine in pill form, powder form, and even suppository form, how bizarre?  Anyways, I just wanted to check in and let you know that I'm fine and that everyone has been so kind to me, especially our bus driver Sven who I have awoken to several times staring at me over my bed in the middle of the night!  Here's some of the more recent happenings:

Video of the Week:

Lost Atlas Teaser
I met some surfer dudes while playing a gig in Morocco and turns out that they're quite talented.  I checked out their movie teaser and it looks to be quite fascinating and it features some of my newest friends who go by the names of: Rain Deynolds, Jordan Smithson, Cologne Andino, Julian "Beiber" Wilson, Lil John, ex-baseball player Chipper Jones, and some other dudes whose names I can't even pronounce.  I really got along well with the "Ossy Lads" and picked up a new favorite word, I think it's called "froth"?

Track of the Week:
PNAU - Solid Ground (Cassian Remix)

On my way to Indonesia, we stopped in Australia with those wild surfer dudes and I did an impromptu set for a legendary lad that goes by the name of Cassian.  Turns out Cassian was an awesome dewd and had an arsenal of Nu Disco/House bangers that would make Earth Wind N Fire and Boney M quiver in their snow boots!  After our sets, we stayed on stage and flapped around the "Poon Rag" (they misspelled a few letters), pointed out groupie myrts most likely to give SEBJS (barbarian term for spread eagle blow jobs), and just lived the dream!  Good times in the land of Froth.

Steez of the Week:

The Emperor's Clothing - Nakie T-Shirt and Ass-Less Chaps.
It may look as though there isn't a picture of my new favorite t-shirt and pants above but upon further inspection, you will see nothing short of a masterpiece.  We've got a tour stylist who hails from Zaire and he's been decking us out with this sick new brand called The Emperor's Clothing.  The threads are light weight, super steezy, and they are uber attention-grabbing!  Everywhere I go people stop and immediately stare at my junk and most often they shun the beauty from their children's eyeballs!  The pants are so easy access that I don't even have to unzip or button to take a William Shatner!

That's all for now, just wanted to say hi!  Please feed the fish, air-out my headgear, and send new boxers and cookies ASAP!  Mine are all soiled and I have a major rash from free-ballin, so send BenGay too, thanks!

Miss and Love You
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