Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Turtle Poking

Hello, is this thing on?  Roots Froth Myrt Trog Fack Mank Horse Mierda FACKKKKKK!
Ahh excuse me, I just wanted to get that shit outta my system before I get back into this thang.  As you may well know, these past few months I've been busier than Theo Huxtable at an asian cheese brothel!  From work, to DJing, living the dream in Mexico, and watching my friends vow to one eternal myrt right before my eyes, shit's been hectic.  But alas, the ambA$$ador is back (for the 100th time) and ready to bring the fuckin froth!

Keep your eyes peeled for more ethernet cyberweb creepin but for now, chew on this shit as I let the turtle poke out

Video O' Da Week:

Crookers got weird with this one and if you can make it to the end of this shit without going into a seizure, creaming your pants, or punching the nearest human in your vicinity - than I SAH-lute you good sir/myrt!

ElectroHell Chune O' Da Week:
Pendulum's track entitled "The Island" was already a gang banger from the start but this remix by the King of Groms aka Madeon takes the fork'n cake!  

Steez O' Da Week:
The mates at Crap Eyewear have done it again and have made some perfect shades for you to wear this summer while you get your willy wet!  With new shapes, new colorways, and sizes, there's no doubt in my mind that Crap's got you covered from head to ummm camelToe?!  

This Friday The Froth Lives On!
That's right mother fuckers, the Boyz are back in town!  This time we're taking over Hollywood!  Friday, June 10th, get your ass out to Hollywood's Standard Hotel on the Sunset strip and prepare for heavy doses of musical gluttony.  I'll be serving up a rich disco bisque topped with froth sauce and a side of myrt juice.  The Bixel Boys will be shining brightly after their new release of Just A Taste and will surely get your woman in a groove that heads down south quickly.  Just when you thought things were getting too spicy, our boy Tropicool is gonna bring his trademark tradewind heat and set the dancefloor ablaze as palm trees, MindTais, and an oasis filled with Poseidon's Holy Water all magically appear! 

If you have no idea what I just said, just show up to the gig and leave your fuckin Jonas Brothers CD at home with your jiz rag...
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