Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Black Lips + A Bunch of Cewl DJ Dudes THIS SATURDAY!

Calling all freaks, shneeks, and go-go beaks!
The time has drawn upon us once again to grab our crescent moons (speedos), our whale tails (thongs), and a big burlap sack belonging to none other than a Miss Molly Ringwald as we frolic down to our local break we all know and love as The Standard Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles.  This time, more so than any other, Poseidon has called an All-Star cast to set the rooftop ablaze via soundwaves, cold dawgs, and smoke signals!  Matter o' fact, rumor has it that Poseidon himself had to scalp a bitch and freeze the severed monkey head in order to summon the beasts that go by the name of The Black Lips.

If that wasn't enough to get you soiling your already skid-mark-stained-snoopie-droopies well hold the fuck on cause there's more where that came from!  Local shredders and long time SAH idols, Guns In The Sun Deejays will be in the mix and pumping out banger tunes and gettin yo foot stompin like it never has before!  Top that delicious musical salad off with more DJ sets by the SuperHumanoids, Sir Daniel Parra, and the rooftop residents consisting of Tropicool, Bixel Boys, and yours truly, and you've got yourself one hell of a farking Saturday!

If you haven't done so already, RSVP here.  Get your mystic tan on here.  And prepare for what will undoubtedly be the best, wildest, and most fucked up party of the summer!  We're talking about the fucking Black Lips here people!  GET WITH ITTTTTTTTTT and GET SUMMMMMMMMM!
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