Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Oi mates,
been a pretty busy month frothing in the cave and gettin loose with Poseidon and such.  Not to fear, some frothyness is here.

Video of da weak:
It's gonna be a long La Niña summer with warm water, hot babes, and frothy flat waves.  Get yourself a razor and shave your face, except for your neck beard…

Sack Facking Track of the Week:
Plastic Plates getting SAH frothy!
Last Saturday's No Shirt No Shoes FrothFest on the roof was yet another epic day of classy tunes, feel-good vibes, and myrts that just plain make yo mouth melt.  I started things off with a light massage DJ Set, then Young Digerati, Bixel Boys, and Tropicool started igniting the flame as Plastic Plates lit the place on fire for U-Tern to set the town ablaze.  Yet another one of my favorite summer tracks by our mate Plastic Plates, check out the epicness and watch as you sink into your chair and awake in the keys…

Adele - Set Fire To The Rain (Plastic Plates Remix)

Upcoming Events:
Next Monday I'll be servin up a plate of extra frothy Nu Disco soup with a side of 80's synth sauce (hold the trog juice).  Come out and enjoy some tunes, art, food, and all the finer things in life!  I'll be on the decks along with the homey Shae B of TrippensoxX and others including: Funkgraffish, Isaac House, and all the frothy Rez DJs including: Ed Gold, Bryan Davidson, and Beat Ventriloquists.  This event is pretty much guaranteed to be stacked full of babes on such a Momentous Myrtle Monday as this!  Don't blow it fool! 
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