Wednesday, May 11, 2011

IDIOT-SAH-VAULT #4 Don't Forget Your ROOTS

Nostalgia time over here in SAH's corner…
Amidst the chaos that is adult life, it's easy to lose sight of the things you once cherished and dreamt about so badly when you were young.  I know when I was a grom back in La Jolla, all I did was live, breathe, eat, sleep, and shit surfing.  Every single day (rain or shine) after school, I'd run down Opal street in PB to Law street or hitch a ride in Bird Rock to Windansea or the shores.  Lots of times my brother would wrangle us all up into his shaggin wagon(RIP) and we'd hit the road blasting Millencolin's Life On A Plate album while sipping Jones sodas and rockin our Muirlands Surf Team sweatshirts.  BPMs, myrts on a stick, bills, rent, string outs, and invoices…these things weren't even a blip in my imagination at that point, all that mattered was progressing my surfing in hopes of becoming the next Kalani Robb…

I've wrangled up some of the most influential bands that literally molded my adolescence.  Whether it was moshing around to Pivit at their local domain of Cane's, seeing Scott Russo point to my homey Barbs and dedicate CPK to him at an Unwritten Law show, knocking over all the teeny bopper groms at a Blink show, or watching the madness that would ensue as people lost their minds in an infinity shaped pit during every single Pennywise show; these are the bands and the songs that made me who I am today.  "Don't forget your ROOTS" -H20

IDIOT SAH VAULT #4 (Don't Forget Your Roots DL Expired)

º Pivit- Light of Day (SAH's Part in Costa Rica Style grom video circa '98)

º Unwritten Law- Superman (SlaTEN's end banger in Good Times)

º Blink 182- Carousel (Taylor Steele's Factory Seconds Intro)

º BONUS: Pennywise- Dying To Know (YOU say whose part and YOU win)
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