Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Leave A Message" [after the bleep]

Fack, Fack, Fack is all I can really say about Nike's new surf vid entitled Leave A Message!  Featuring Nike's top myrt shredders, this video is nothing short of a true milestone within surf history and culture all together.  Showcasing how women's surfing has really taken it to the next level, this video, especially Carissa Moore's part, has left me running shoeless on the beach with my tail between my legs!

Thanks to Poseidon kicking my ass at Scripps today and for all of these girls pretty much running circles around me, I feel like Macaulay Culkin trying to make a comeback into the surf World.  I'm gonna go lick my wounds and clean my shorts but in the meantime, froth on the trailer above and then download the entire movie here.  You will be shocked, amazed, impressed, and then violated!  Good luck...
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Oi mates,
been a pretty busy month frothing in the cave and gettin loose with Poseidon and such.  Not to fear, some frothyness is here.

Video of da weak:
It's gonna be a long La Niña summer with warm water, hot babes, and frothy flat waves.  Get yourself a razor and shave your face, except for your neck beard…

Sack Facking Track of the Week:
Plastic Plates getting SAH frothy!
Last Saturday's No Shirt No Shoes FrothFest on the roof was yet another epic day of classy tunes, feel-good vibes, and myrts that just plain make yo mouth melt.  I started things off with a light massage DJ Set, then Young Digerati, Bixel Boys, and Tropicool started igniting the flame as Plastic Plates lit the place on fire for U-Tern to set the town ablaze.  Yet another one of my favorite summer tracks by our mate Plastic Plates, check out the epicness and watch as you sink into your chair and awake in the keys…

Adele - Set Fire To The Rain (Plastic Plates Remix)

Upcoming Events:
Next Monday I'll be servin up a plate of extra frothy Nu Disco soup with a side of 80's synth sauce (hold the trog juice).  Come out and enjoy some tunes, art, food, and all the finer things in life!  I'll be on the decks along with the homey Shae B of TrippensoxX and others including: Funkgraffish, Isaac House, and all the frothy Rez DJs including: Ed Gold, Bryan Davidson, and Beat Ventriloquists.  This event is pretty much guaranteed to be stacked full of babes on such a Momentous Myrtle Monday as this!  Don't blow it fool! 
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Friday, May 13, 2011

Just The Tip...

A sample of what to expect for tomorrow and everything in between…

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

IDIOT-SAH-VAULT #4 Don't Forget Your ROOTS

Nostalgia time over here in SAH's corner…
Amidst the chaos that is adult life, it's easy to lose sight of the things you once cherished and dreamt about so badly when you were young.  I know when I was a grom back in La Jolla, all I did was live, breathe, eat, sleep, and shit surfing.  Every single day (rain or shine) after school, I'd run down Opal street in PB to Law street or hitch a ride in Bird Rock to Windansea or the shores.  Lots of times my brother would wrangle us all up into his shaggin wagon(RIP) and we'd hit the road blasting Millencolin's Life On A Plate album while sipping Jones sodas and rockin our Muirlands Surf Team sweatshirts.  BPMs, myrts on a stick, bills, rent, string outs, and invoices…these things weren't even a blip in my imagination at that point, all that mattered was progressing my surfing in hopes of becoming the next Kalani Robb…

I've wrangled up some of the most influential bands that literally molded my adolescence.  Whether it was moshing around to Pivit at their local domain of Cane's, seeing Scott Russo point to my homey Barbs and dedicate CPK to him at an Unwritten Law show, knocking over all the teeny bopper groms at a Blink show, or watching the madness that would ensue as people lost their minds in an infinity shaped pit during every single Pennywise show; these are the bands and the songs that made me who I am today.  "Don't forget your ROOTS" -H20

IDIOT SAH VAULT #4 (Don't Forget Your Roots DL Expired)

º Pivit- Light of Day (SAH's Part in Costa Rica Style grom video circa '98)

º Unwritten Law- Superman (SlaTEN's end banger in Good Times)

º Blink 182- Carousel (Taylor Steele's Factory Seconds Intro)

º BONUS: Pennywise- Dying To Know (YOU say whose part and YOU win)
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Monday, May 9, 2011

SAT May 14th: Dub Frequency Presents: No Shirt / No Shoes @ The Standard DTLA

Poseidon's Calling In Sick on Saturday...

What do Muggsy Bogues, Meat Loaf, Stay Puft, Gary Busey, Punky Brewster, Moby Dick, Yao Ming, and the ginger from the Progressive Insurance commercials all have in common?  There's no doubt in my mind that if you invited them to your party, it would be like a snow storm came to the underworld of Hades, sneezed filthy lazers and freejoles all over the living room, and ordered a donkey show as a hangover cure the next morning…

The beautiful chaos last time, check the SAH-stompage...

If I could relate anything to such a scenario in the reality that we currently live in, it would have to be the line up for this Saturday's No Shirt / No Shoes presented by our good homies over at Dub Frequency!  As if Poolside 2 weeks ago wasn't enough, they've done it again and wrangled up some of the heaviest hitters in the Nu Disco /  Tropical Electro / 80's Synth Universe!  Featuring U Tern, Plastic Plates, Nightwaves, Young Digerati, Tropicool, Bixel Boys, and myself, I can already feel the fire emanating from the bloody streets of downtown Los Angeles once those speakers turn on and the BMPs come-a-blastin!  So if you're in the Cali area, turn off Glee, get up off your lard ass, and cruise to my local stomping grounds for what will undoubtedly be The Party of the Summer!

Last party filled up super quick so show up early around 1PM and touch enjoy yourself as you are greeted by the extra exotic and erotic set I'm sloppin up for yaz…

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MM: Shola Ama

Shola Ama is a roots old skool english singer who recently threw down some mean vocals for Toddla T's single entitled "Take it Back".  Check out the video as well as Dillon Francis' remix and see for yourself the powers that lay within the voice and groove of Shola…

Toddla T- Take It Back (Dillon Francis Remix)

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Saturday, May 7, 2011

"Foreign Froth" ft Brothers Gudauskas

I'm watching T-Dawgy shred the shit out of the crappiest Lowers final I've seen to date.  High hopes for da local frother!  If you were too lazy to click the link I supplied earlier, peep the Gudauskas Aus vid I cut with Seeworthy Project last week yeee:
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Foreign Froth" Coming Soon To An ESPN Near You

Last week was freaking hectic.  Along with putting together a set list, saving a kitten from a burning taco bell, developing a cure for IBS, and proving that fish actually do drink water; I also managed to put together another surf edit featuring none other than the top froth ambassadors better known as the Gudauskas brothers.  Me and long time frother Seeworthy Project got together and cranked this collabo edit out!  The Gudangs straight up tore Aus a new one this year and the edit definitely turned out weird, artsy, yet truly engaging; peep it here for now and come back later when I can embed that shit!
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Supa Roots

MR and the Ol' Skool Aussies lords + Edwin van Cleef Liszromania Remix = Supa Roots!
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Oh The Places You'll Strobe

2 Saturdays ago our homies over at Dub Frequency and The Ampal Creative threw quite the spectacular event in honor of our good friend Summer's triumphant return!  With tradewind sounds blowin from the likes of Tropicool and Poolside, hipster myrts frothing at the bit, and an all-star cast of 1210 savages, the event was completely bonkers!

I spy 1210 frothers 
If you missed this event or don't remember being there, check out the latest double installment of Waves ≠ Raves by Tropicool [GDD] and AMPAL; two killer musical series jam packed with boss jams that'll undoubtedly drift you back into that exotic frenzy!

Waves ≠ Raves Vol. 8

Waves ≠ Raves Vol. 9

With heat waves like the one yesterday and more and more babes buying beautiful blue bubble bathing suits, I think it's safe to say that this summer is gonna be more than epic!  More pool parties and epic frothage on the way but for now, put on these jams and enjoy some pics from the weirdness (somehow the surfing pics got lost)…
The Dub Frequency Crew throws more than epic frothfests!   
Jeff Paradise of Poolside rockin AMPAL & Crap steez! 
Tropicool firing up some croozy grooves
Frothing at the pit with legendary Poleanz of The AMPAL Creative 
Butt-clenching myrt rocks AMPAL's Occy cap amidst pants off dance off
 Frothing myrtles, new stickaz coming soon!

My personal favorite summer jam: Edwin van Cleef - Lisztomania (Feat Jane Hanley)
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Monday, May 2, 2011

Myrtle Monday: Megan Thomas of Thomas Tantrum

RAC does some of the most legit remixes ranging from 80's synth grooves, beautifully composed remixes with real instruments, and croozy tracks that lift you off your feet and into a higher realm.  I recently stumbled upon their remix of Thomas Tantrum's track entitled Sleep and of course fell in love with the lead singer's voice belonging to that of a Megan Thomas.  Check out the original track below and then give the remix a listen, either way she's got a voice that could probably melt a popsicle made of mongolian croutons...    

Thomas Tantrum - Sleep (RAC Remix)
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