Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekly Updates

Music Video of the Week:

Munk's: Rue De Rome
Jam packed with sin, debauchery, and plot twists.  The vid is tits…

Chune of the Week:
JUSTICE - Civilization (Demo)
What came first the chicken or the egg?  There's not much info about this demo version of JUSTICE's track entitled "Civilization" other than Ali Love on the mic and the fact that both the demo and the original mix are friggin heaters in their own way.  The demo seems a bit more appropriate on such a Sunday as this; whether you're coming back from Coachella with a puke bag filled with blood or you raged like you were at Coachella and just plain feel like shit.  This oughta cure your ailments…

Steez of the Week:
Dropping this week, just in time for the first pool party of the summer hosted by The AMPAL Creative and Dub Frequency (see below), AMPAL's latest summer snapback entitled: "Aloha; Seven Seas" couldn't have come at a better time!  With a tropical / nautical steez going on, the Seven Seas caters to the party animal crowd who prefer sipping mind-tais amidst the seductive summer sun.  Get 'em while they last!      

Events This Week:
Check Yo Ponytail 2
IHEARTCOMIX, Media Contender, & LA Record present: Check Yo Ponytail 2 With Holy Ghost! (Live), Chairlift, Futurecop!, Mattie Safer, Dave P + Sammy Slice, and Franki Chan at the Echoplex tomorrow night! NYC's Holy Ghost! have long been enticing me with their discosynth steez ever since I first heard "I Will Come Back" and immediately got hooked!  This show will not disappoint! 

No Shirt No Shoes
Dub Frequency and The AMPAL Creative present: No Shirt No Shoes, the year's fist ever summer pool party / orgy / frothfest.  This Saturday, April 23rd, shit is about to get super tropical in my local stomping grounds of Downtown Los Angeles.  Not only did Dub Frequency wrangle the infamous Poolside for their first ever LA DJ Set, but Futurecop! and Tropicool amongst others will also be bringing the tropical heat that will undoubtedly transport you to a better place, a place where trade-winds blow, mind-tais flow, and dreamy eyed babes whisper sweet nothings in foreign tongues.  Waves ≠ Raves collaborator and GDD co-founder Tropicool will be starting the party off right and will undoubtedly have you nodding your head to steel drums and majestic synths in no time!  Mark my words; THIS PARTY IS GOING TO BE OFF THE FUCKING CHARTS!  Warning: Poseidon's Posse and 1210 All Stars will be in the line up, froth accordingly…
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